With most of the employers have already given thumbs up to the new norm, now it has become important to make remote working more flexible & productive. But one of the biggest challenges that most business administration faces is getting a reliable business phone system. Well, thanks to the modern-day virtual phone system that gives businesses a sense of reliability along with advanced functionalities that they simply can’t expect from the land phones. Old-fashioned phone systems don’t give you those features to adjust with the new normal. As no one will be at the office space to take calls, nor do they have access to their desk phone. So, virtual phone systems are the only answer to the new norm.

The gradual shift from being on the office desk to remote working and distributed work indicates the need for a virtual phone system that connects businesses with their customers from any part of the world. So, can a cloud-based phone system connect your business with the rest of the world? What about the setup? What features to consider? There must be a sea of questions coming to your mind as of now. Worry not! In this blog, you would get answers to your queries. 

So, how do you define a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone in general is a cloud-based communication system that handles a large volume of business calls with ease, what it needs is a high-speed internet connection. Anyone can make and take calls using an app, mobile phone, tablet, or any smart device of your choice. You don’t need to be present at the locations to do the same, you can make any time, anywhere from your comfort zone, whether you are sitting, walking, or on the go. Earlier this was not the case with the traditional phone systems that are location-dependent and require on-premise hardware setup. 

One of the main reasons why enterprises move to cloud-based phone systems from the traditional ones is to reap the benefits of the advanced calling & collaborating features that are truly meant for modern-day business communication. It empowers business of all walks of life, no matter their size to boost productivity and improve their team collaboration.

And, the best thing about Virtual phone system providers in India is they strive to maintain a reliable VoIP infrastructure for the end-users. The Indian VoIP providers are affordable as well. In addition to the VoIP phone service, you can expect advanced features like Bulk SMS Service, local area numbers, IVR, voicemail transcription, to name a few. Simply put, you couldn’t have asked for more when you have a virtual phone system. According to the latest studies, 70% of the workforce worked from remote locations during the pandemic, and still, it’s going on. 

How does a virtual phone system work?

What exactly a virtual phone system does is, it connects the calls between toll-free numbers and local area numbers and the end-users. There is a technical realm that takes care of everything, and the calls get connected to the right person.

They intelligently manage all the calls coming through the Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the rest is history. Basically, the virtual phone system is a VoIP-powered phone that connects businesses with the rest of the world. 

These extensions exist virtually, they don’t have physical lines compared to their traditional counterpart. It’s up to you how you prefer to use the existing business phone numbers, you can even use the vanity numbers as well. There comes the magic of VoIP technology, it uses the VoIP codecs to convert these phone calls from analog sound to Voice over internet protocol. Ensuring HD quality sound. To ensure 99.99% uptime, Indian VoIP providers do set up a highly reliable network of data centers to survive bad weather conditions, server failure, etc.

In addition to its amazing benefits, a virtual phone system doesn’t require an office building or any dedicated infrastructure to be functional. The Internet is proof of its existence. You can easily forward inbound calls coming to your office number directly to the agent’s cell phone without any hassle. On the front-end, agents are armored with a number of advanced capabilities to work, connect and collaborate with more efficiency. You have the IVR system in place to attend callers when no one is out there to take the calls. No more waiting, call bounce, hold – you can give a great customer experience 24/7 without spending a ton. Isn’t that great?

Now you must have understood how Virtual phone systems and call center software combine can help excel your business with the new norm. So, what are you waiting for? Join your hands with the top-rated Indian VoIP Service Providers & strengthen your sales & support with state-of-the-art VoIP phone systems

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