Direct Inward Dialing(DID)


DID numbers are assigned to a gateway to allow PSTN users to reach VoIP users directly.

What is Direct Inward Dialing(DID)?


You can forward calls to your current landlines using Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers, often known as SIP trunk numbers. To allocate direct numbers to specific team members instead of using several physical phone lines, DID numbers are employed. They are intelligent phone numbers that can aid in call management in the manner of your choice. Utilizing DID numbers in India for incoming customer call routing is the easiest use for enterprises. When a consumer phones the company, an IVR greeting answers their question about who they should speak with and routes their call to the appropriate employee based on their answers. DID numbers make it simpler for businesses to manage call data for performance monitoring, including missed call counts, agent response times, call duration and call recordings from customers.

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How does DID work


Direct inward dialing operates by diverting calls from a virtual phone number to a private branch exchange, a mobile phone, or a landline on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) (PBX). Nowadays, almost all businesses employ direct inward dialing. It enables them to offer distinct phone numbers for various departments' points of contact. For instance, a business may typically have many DID numbers or distinct phone numbers for its support, sales, and other divisions. Larger companies frequently have direct phone numbers for each employee. One of the most scalable telecom solutions on the market, DID numbers operate without the need for extra hardware.

Advantages of DID


Very Cost-Effective

You only require one DID number. Customize the system completely to meet your company's needs and instantly save money. DID allows you to reduce the number of trunk lines required to connect your company. You can even forward DIDs to different continents using a VoIP system, reducing long-distance costs.

Improve your business as you want

Don't be concerned about the infrastructure or upkeep of your DID number. Improve easily as you grow and pay as you go!


DID gives you more flexibility in terms of where and when you receive calls. A mobile workforce necessitates a versatile solution. Combining the capabilities of VoIP, DID, and SIP with mobile phones, email, and SMS results in a more robust telecommunications system for your company.

Improve customer experience

A centralized system for managing all customer communications. Using a unified dashboard, you can keep track of all incoming calls and conversations. Customers can easily reach employees when they need them. From the customer's point of view, this can be an amazing experience.

Easily integrate with others

A DID number integrates easily with other cloud software, making customer relationship management (CRM) more efficient.

Toll-free number (TFN)


The toll-free number is a very cost-effective number for your customers and without paying any cost your customers easily reach you.
VoIP Phone

What is a toll-free number?

A Toll- free number is provided for both local and intercontinental calls. Your customer reaches you by using a toll-free number, and they are not paying any money for calls. Free phone numbers easily attract customers or clients to your business or call centers. Most Companies provide Toll-free numbers for developing your business communication system in a high range or also increase your customer experience. A toll-free number helps to improve your sales and increase your ROI. Don’t be very fast to decide which Provider is best for the toll-free number first make a proper plan for what you need? Then compare and choose which provider is best? then buy a toll-free number.

Features are provided by a toll-free number


Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

The IVR system is the main feature of the toll-free number service. Users are given the option to connect with the business for quick contact with pre-recorded messages without the requirement for human intervention. 

Real-time monitoring

The ability to provide real-time analysis is one of the most useful extra features a toll-free number offers. The management of the entire process is simplified and made easy by providing a thorough analysis of all active calls on a dashboard.

Call recording Facility

Call recording quality is HD quality and recording is very easy. There is no barrier between call recording, you can use this call recording in the coming future. In the future, it’s a good reference for your customer service.

Good customer service

Customers are attracted to your service. What are you offering? It gives a good customer experience. Customer feedback and reviews describe a customer or clients. VoIPTech offers you the best customer service 24*7 hour, for more information call us today

How easiest to get a toll-free number for your brand?


A toll-free number is available through VoIPTech. If you’d like, we can immediately assign you a toll-free number or transfer your current number for free. There are no commitments, Unlimited text SMS and MMS, virtually Unlimited calling, and no additional fees. Additionally, you can get advanced call management, call forwarding, and call pickup from any smart device.

Why only VoIPTech is the best toll-free number provider?


VoIPTech Solutions is the best toll-free number provider that helps to improve your customer support team. Our toll-free number helps to increase your customer experience, Customer service, customer support, etc of the communication system. Toll-free numbers create a good experience.