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What is VoIP ?

Welcome to the world of Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP), the cutting-edge smart method to interact with clients, friends, family, and colleagues, customers around the world. Our company, VoIPTech, offers cheap VoIP services and solutions for high-power communications across worldwide markets for Home (Personal), Small Business, and Large Enterprise use. We are the Best VoIP Service for Homes, Small businesses, large enterprises, call centers, and contact centers in India and also all over the world.
With the use of the voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology, you can place voice calls through your broadband Internet connection as opposed to an analog phone line

Build Connection with companies

Irrespective of business size, you might search for options that can help in curbing your telecommunication expenses and at the same time bring in business profits, reliability & credibility to the company. In cases like this, expanding your network through VoIP services is the best possible way to fight the communication challenges.
VoIP tech solutions, vici dialer, virtual number, Voip Providers, voip services in india, best sip provider, business voip providers, VoIP Phone Numbers, voip minutes provider, top voip providers, voip minutes, International VoIP Provider

What is VoIP?

VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol), and allows you to make or receive phone calls over the internet. It is made possible by a collection of protocols that allow the internet to make calls in the same way that a normal phone or PSTN does. However, because of the freedom and mobility it provides, it much outperforms the traditional telephone. So, if a gadget can connect to the internet, it can also make or receive calls via VoIP.

VoIP solutions for Personal

We can provide VoIP solutions for your Home communication system or personal communication system.

VoIP solutions for businesses

VoIPTech solutions provide Various types of solutions for your small business or large business.

VoIP solutions for Enterprises

We don’t have partiality with our customers or clients, also provides VoIP solutions for Enterprises.

VoIP solutions for Call centers

VoIP solutions. We offer VoIP phone systems and a cloud telephony system for your call center or contact center.

Our Service's


Call center for customers

A customer call center should be simple and hassle-free to set up. With VoIPTech, you can set up a feature-rich system in less than 30 minutes that includes IVR greetings, call routing, call recording, a drag-and-drop app builder to create call flows, etc. No hardware or upkeep is necessary

Marketing ROI monitoring

It's crucial to monitor ad expenditures and make sure that your marketing budget is distributed among the appropriate channels. However, because of the nature of advertising, it is frequently impossible to precisely track. You can overcome this difficulty by utilizing virtual numbers.

Solution for Masking Phone Numbers

The phone number of a person has evolved into their digital identity. People continue to give out their phone numbers to anyone and everyone without regard for any risks or privacy violations. You may safeguard the phone numbers of your consumers by using the number masking method.

Answer for Missed Calls

A missed call is a creative approach to staying in contact with a client. Although there is no expense, there is intent and involvement. In many ways, this is ideal for the company and its clients.

Robotic Delivery Rescheduling

Before they become a problem for the customer and the business, handle unsuccessful deliveries. With this service, you may automatically reschedule deliveries so that they take place at a time that is convenient for the customer or clients.

Automated Feedback and Surveys

Any company that wishes to provide customers with an unmatched customer experience must pay close attention to the voice and opinion of the customer. However, it is not feasible to ask each customer for their input on an individual basis. Use VoIPTech's IVR solution for feedback and surveys to your business's full benefit.

Lead Control for Online Markets

For a marketplace, connecting sellers and buyers might be challenging. There are limitations at play. To aid in monetization, the conversations must be monitored and contained within the platform. This lead management solution can specifically assist you with that.

Client Connection

Nowadays, most client interactions typically take place informally over personal mobile phones, landlines, etc. Since a lot of trackable business dialogue is lost, this is a huge loss for every business. This can be resolved by routing all business calls through VoIPtech. Every business call is monitored, recorded, and available for analysis.

Why to choose Us


Focused on business

Most VoIP solutions focus on meeting needs that guarantee company success rather than being customers.

24*7 Support

To ensure that your interaction with us is positive and seamless, we also offer pre-sale and post-sale support.

Easy Installation

VoIPTech assists in launching the services right away and offers thorough consultation while installing the solutions.

Safe and Trustworthy

Secure data centers that completely eliminate the chance of a security breach are where VoIPTech provides its services