Phone Verification System

Build a solid and unique customer base

Phone Verification system is a common yet crucial method to authenticate users and know whether they are unique or not. It is a security framework which is used in banking sectors to protect users from fraud and illegal activities.

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We offer reliable phone verification system which is completely automated. It has advanced features to verify your customers Through HTTP API or SOAP API. Our Phone verification system starts with Our Phone verification process starts with an automated transparent call to any number and then sends a verification code to your customer which completes the verification.

Advantages of Phone Verification System

  • Our phone verification system adds a security layer which means an instant identification process for online merchants. It helps your business tackling frauds and decreasing chargebacks.
  • It helps in check of telephone numbers for secure record refreshes and ensured changes, for example, expanding account limits, changing passwords and so on.
  • Our Phone Verification is feature packed which reduces manual phone number verification process and service charges.
  • The phone verification system, adds a phone confirmation record for a secure transaction with your customers.

Key Features of Phone Verification System

  • Fraud Prevention
  • User Verification
  • Two-way SMS/Phone Communication
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Bridge Online Orders with Offline Providers
  • Chargeback Elimination
  • Phone Confirmation
  • Phone Verification / Verification by Phone
  • Secure Password
  • Secured Account Access
  • Identify Verification
  • Phone/SMS Delivery
  • SMS Verifications / Verification by SMS
  • Lead Verification