VTS Dialler

VTS Dialler: VoIPTech Solutions Offers You an All-inclusive Contact Center Solution

VTS Dialler is an all-inclusive contact center solution, powered by the most advanced call center software in the world. It’s platform independent that means you can use it on both your workstation and over cloud based settings as well. VTS Dialler is developed to serve different needs of contact centers. Thus, an ideal solution for contact centers of all sizes & types. With VTS Dialler, you can make the best out of your business communications, while expanding your business horizon beyond geographical boundaries. The best part is, you can easily screen those calls that are of no use such as; no answer, busy signals, blocked numbers, and answering machines. You get complete control over your phone and decide who can reach you or who can’t.

VTS Dialler empowers businesses to bring down their telephone bills to almost half, while saving a ton on on-premises hardware requirement & maintenance cost. The bottom line is, it’s an all-inclusive high-end Contact Center Software that is the perfect answer to all your contact center marketing campaigns.

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VTS Dialer is Ideal for:

High-end Features of VTS Dialer:

VTS Dialer offers you an array of advanced features that empowers your business to set up a world-class platform for communication. Top features include:

  • Smartphone/App Integration

  • SIP & PRI Line Support

  • Extension Dialing Number Change

  • Call Quality Monitoring

  • Highly Secure Web Interface

  • Unlimited Channels

  • Business Campaign & Lead Management

  • Toll-free Numbers

  • Inbound & Outbound IVR

  • Cheaper International Calls

  • Gamification

  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Whisper

  • Hold Music

  • Barge-in

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Call Snooping

  • Ring Groups

  • Call Intervention

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Number Masking

  • Unified Agent Desktop

  • Multi-level IVRS

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Disposition Codes

  • Call Coaching

  • Warm Calling

  • Contact Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • The Most Advanced ACD

  • Call Controls

  • Live Call Transferring

  • 3-way Calling

  • Call Park & Pickup

  • Push to Talk

  • Number Masking

  • Unified Agent Desktop

  • Multi-level IVRS

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Disposition Codes

  • Call Coaching

  • Warm Calling

  • Contact Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • The Most Advanced ACD

  • Multiple Language Support

  • Real-time Call Status

  • Voicemail to email or text

  • The Most Advanced ACD

  • Speech Analytics

  • Bird’s Eye View

  • Graphical Representation of Data

  • Average Hold Time (AHT)

  • Follow Me

  • Integrations With other Business Tools

  • Trunk Utilization Statistics

  • Premise or Cloud Deployments

  • Abandoned Call Statistics

  • After Call Work (ACW)

  • DND (Do Not Dial) Control

  • Progressive Dialer

  • Call Routing

  • Auto Attendant

  • Multi-tenant Support

  • Complete Voice Logging

  • Auto Attendant

  • Digital Call Recording & Monitoring

  • Manual Dialer

  • Wall Board

  • Call Scoring

  • Internal Chat

  • Call Pulling

  • Automated Dialling

  • Predictive Dialer

  • Click-to-call

  • Power Dialer

  • Workstation Recording

  • Managing SIP Trunk

  • Tech Support

  • Priority Alerts

  • DID Management

  • Call Queuing

CRM Software Integration: 


  • Sign In
  • Auto Pop Up of CRM screen when a call is sent (customer’s details & history)
  • Pushing Data from CRM into the VTS Dialler

Control Panel:

VTS Dialer:

  • Sales Infographic Showing Outputs (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Call Details (Dialed Numbers, Incoming calls, Call Waiting, IVR Calls, Call Forwarding, Call Holding, etc.)
  • Weekly/Day Wise Performance Report of Inbound/Outbound Calls

System Architecture:

  • Occupied Server Space (RAM, CPU, Average Loading Time of CPU)
  • Call Details (Dialed Numbers, Incoming calls, Call Waiting, IVR Calls, Call Forwarding, Call Holding, etc.)
  • Login Status, Net Speed, Network Bandwidth, Running Cron Jobs

  • Displaying IO Statistics

Addons On-demand :

  • Integrating Social Media Platforms

  • Integrating WhatsApp 
  • Integrating ePBX System
  • Integrating IP PBX System
  • Agent Screen Capture Module
  • Word Spotting Module from Recording
  • PCI-Compliant based Solution
  • CTI Integrated with almost all top ePABX Company
  • Unlimited Call Recording

  • Sticky Agent
  • Remote Agent
  • Audio Broadcast
  • Text Message Broadcast
  • Secure Ticketing Window
  • Chatting
  • Data Authentication
  • Remote Working

Bonus Features:

  • Sending & Receiving Email
  • Sending Text Messages
  • Skilled Routing
  • Scheduled Callback 
  • Inter Dialing Support for Sales Agent
  • Mobile App Integration

Supporting Hardware:

  • GSM VoIP Gateway for Connecting Users with the GSM Network
  • PRI VoIP Gateway for Direct Routing
  • PRI Telephony Cards
  • Scheduled Callback 
  • Multi-port FXO/FXS Gateway

Our Contact Center Software offers an array of advantages over others. Some of the key factors includes:

  • It allows you to keep track of all the calls, both incoming & outgoing
  • It helps boost productivity, contribute in generating more revenues for any business
  • It helps generate potential leads
  • It helps expand the business horizon, breaking the stereotype of traditional geographical barriers
  • You can effectively manage all calls, using our advanced call center software
  • With our call center software in place, you can make best out of your available resources 
  • It helps improve the productivity of sales agent and other staff to a great extent

Above all, you get a robust, reliable, & highly secure system that takes your business to the next level.

Why choose us?

The Most Advanced Features

VTS Dialer comes with a number of advanced features that are second to none. The best part is, you get access to all those missing modules that highly benefit your entire support system.

Years of Experience & Expertise

We have the right balance of experience, expertise, tools, & technologies that makes your business communication better & easier than ever, keeping you way ahead of your competitors. Our years of experience in the industry is certainly an advantage that any business can count on us.

Great ROI

VTS Dialer empowers your business to grow & earn more profit. Unique features like Automated Callback, Multiple Language Support, Auto Attendant, etc., could prove to be the game changer for businesses, making the best out of the available resources & improved technical support that eventually results in making more revenue.