VTS Dialer

Elevate Your Communications, Expand Your Reach!

VTS Dialer is a top-notch solution designed for contact centers, powered by advanced call center software. It's super flexible, working seamlessly on both computers and in the cloud. Whether your contact center is big or small, VTS Dialer is the perfect fit for businesses of all types. Beyond just improving communication, it opens up possibilities for business expansion. One standout feature is its smart call management. It can filter out unproductive calls like no answers, busy signals, blocked numbers, or interactions with answering machines. With VTS Dialer, you're in control of who can reach you.VTS dialer will boost productivity and set the stage for strategic growth. It's like having a personal assistant for your phone!
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VTS Dialer is Ideal for:

Cloud Based Hosted Contact Center Solution
Server Based On-premises Contact Center Solution

High-end Features of VTS Dialer

VTS Dialer offers you an array of advanced features that empowers your business to set up a world-class platform for communication. Top features include:

CRM Software Integration:

Cloud Based CRM
On-premise CRM


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Auto Pop Up of CRM screen when a call is sent (customer’s details & history)
Pushing Data from CRM into the VTS Dialler

Features of VTS Dialer

VTS Dialer:

System Architecture:

Addons On-demand :

Bonus Features:

Bonus Features:

Supporting Hardware:

Why use our contact center software ?

Our Contact Center Software offers an array of advantages over others. Some of the key factors includes:

  • It allows you to keep track of all the calls, both incoming & outgoing
  • It helps boost productivity, contribute in generating more revenues for any business
  • It helps generate potential leads
  • It helps expand the business horizon, breaking the stereotype of traditional geographical barriers
  • You can effectively manage all calls, using our advanced call center software
  • With our call center software in place, you can make best out of your available resources
  • It helps improve the productivity of sales agent and other staff to a great extent

Above all, you get a robust, reliable, & highly secure system that takes your business to the next level.

Why choose us?

The Most Advanced Features

VTS Dialer comes with a number of advanced features that are second to none. The best part is, you get access to all those missing modules that highly benefit your entire support system.

Years of Experience & Expertise

We have the right balance of experience, expertise, tools, & technologies that makes your business communication better & easier than ever, keeping you way ahead of your competitors. Our years of experience in the industry is certainly an advantage that any business can count on us.

Great ROI

VTS Dialer empowers your business to grow & earn more profit. Unique features like Automated Callback, Multiple Language Support, Auto Attendant, etc., could prove to be the game changer for businesses, making the best out of the available resources & improved technical support that eventually results in making more revenue.