VOS3000 helps to control your Billing server using a mobile application or Webserver. Enjoy Our Benefits, Services, or Features today.

What is VOS3000


VOS3000 is a safe and powerful wholesale VOIP billing solution with a brand new web interface and incredible features. In VoIP(Voice over IP) networks, a VOS3000 Softswitch offers call control intelligence for initiating, maintaining, routing, and terminating sessions. Initially, service providers used soft switches as a component of their next-generation IP network initiatives. A VOS3000 Softswitch, as its name suggests, is a software-based solution that utilizes hardware that is common in the business. Compared to outdated monolithic telephony equipment based on proprietary technology, Softswitch systems have inherent economic advantages. It establishes seamless communication between you and your targeted customer.

What are the services VoIPTech provides

You deserve the best, and VoIPTech offers you the best VOS3000 Softswitch service for your business or calls centers. The list of services that we are offering to you.

A combination of top-notch VoIP company operations can offer an intelligent and secure total solution for all your VoIP demands.

The VOS Master security firewall ensures that access to the unhackable Linux server does not allow.

For any VoIP business to operate, use VOS-MASTER Billing. It is protected by a high-performance carrier-class system that is secure and effective.

A cutting-edge Level 4 billing system for retail clients provides real-time control for secure applications.

Why is VoIPTech best


VoIPTech is the best Softswitch provider for your business or contact centers. Enjoy our service today. Contact VoIPTech solutions. Similar to how an operating system supports a component, the VOIP Operating System and the vos3000 provide support. We offer rate management, phone and gateway management, package and account management, data query, and other features