1004, 2021

Adjusting To The New Norm: The Essential VoIP Toolkits for a Productive Work Culture!

  With the feasibility of telecommuting touching the heart of millions, this has to be the best. Lockdown norms and the demand for a more flexible working environment has accelerated the remote working culture, but advanced technologies have definitely boosted productivity. It is up to the organizations the way or the rate at which they would like to adapt to the new norm of working. By the way, you can not ignore the fact that is, the new way of [...]

804, 2021

What Are The Factors That You Should Focus To Grow Your e-Commerce Business? Is the IVR System Key Driving Factor?

The wide-spreading novel coronavirus has been the measure culprit of a global economic slowdown since 2020. However, this has opened new windows of opportunities for some sectors, and e-Commerce is the frontrunner. With lockdown restrictions in force, where people are not allowed to commute freely, retailers seized the opportunity to make the best out of the epidemic. People are also enjoying the new norm of shopping while saving big on every purchase. From “going to the shop to shops driving [...]

704, 2021

How Cloud IVR Can Benefit The Small Scale Industries?

  If you are a small-scale business, then the probability of getting used to or already have the cloud technology for business communication is high. According to recent studies, 95% of companies use cloud-based technologies to establish business communications, ranging from VoIP phone systems, & call center software to CRM integration and IVR systems to name a few. There are many cumulative advantages for preferring cloud-based systems over premise-based communication solutions, starting from saving big on international calls, omnichannel solutions [...]

704, 2021

Why Go With Custom Asterisk Development Solutions? Read What Experts Say!

  These days companies are trying new things to get customer attention or improve their experience. And, you may not be an exception! In the present scenario, you can subscribe to any feasible plans available or purchase software solutions with advanced features to fulfill your business requirements or to introduce new ideas. But, when it comes to getting that ‘wow’ factor, you need more than the ordinary. Just like your current business communication system that needs high-end custom Custom Asterisk [...]

604, 2021

What Are The Parameters A Business Should Consider While Selecting A Reputed VoIP Termination Provider? 

  The demand & usage of traditional telephonic services are fading away at a faster pace as businesses & customers move forward with more advanced and promising cloud-based telephony solutions. Thanks to VoIP Termination Providers. For business communications, cloud telephony offers a number of out-of-the-box features that not only help them in cost-cutting but also give them a new dimension to move forward with enhanced efficiency with better productivity. What’s so unique about these cloud-based business phone systems? Well, now [...]

604, 2021

What Your Business Can Achieve Artificial Intelligence VoIP Phone Systems? Know Why It Is The Next Big Thing?

  What is the next big thing in the market for the call center operation? Are you wondering how to transform your daily operation? Well, before you opt for any technology, you need to do your research properly; like competitors' analysis - what kind of phone systems they are using, software, hardware, & all. If you haven’t, then this is the best time to know and make a move. Have you heard of artificial Intelligence? Well, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and [...]

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