The pandemic has definitely brought a lot of changes to the normalcy that means in a positive way. Earlier the technology was there but we were reluctant to use it, also we didn’t know how efficient it is as well. In addition to this, companies were thinking that only physical presence in the office can deliver, well the Covid-19 outbreak has proved everyone wrong. And, work-from-home (WFH) & remote working has become the new daily. Especially in a country like India, where chances of infection spreading are high due to its large density of population, there was a need for reliable technology that could make everything operational. VoIP Phone System is the only answer, especially for call centers serving international customers. And, free VoIP Minutes made things economical & hassle-free. How VoIP Minutes Help the remote call centers.

With the help of VoIP Minutes & advanced calling features, call centers can now continue to solve customer queries efficiently, saving time, money, and hassle to a great extent. Call centers are now being able to reap the benefits of virtual offices by easily shifting their operation bases from physical offices to remote locations. Most of the call centers are now using VoIP Services to facilitate their customers while ensuring a safer working environment for their live agents.

Call Centers can easily reroute the inbound calls via VoIP Minutes:

Call centers can easily forward the inbound calls to VoIP phone systems and instantly connect to their live agents’ phones within their local network. What you need is an OSP license. Using it you can transfer the calls from the OSP site to your agents’ phones present at any location via VPN.

You can manage a large volume of calls per day over a browser

The recent technological advancements in cloud telephony have made call center agents operating from home even more effective. With the advanced Cloud telephony solutions, the agents can make & take calls from the device of their choice, no matter whether they are traveling, eating, or performing any day-to-day activities. Managers can easily access these calls for monitoring purposes. You can record these calls for training & quality purposes, which also helps enhance productivity to a great extent. AI-powered advanced tools like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call forwarding, Auto Dialing, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Virtual Receptionist, make sure a great customer experience 24/7.

Easy access to the most valuable CRM data

Customer Experience (also known as CX) is foremost for any business to survive & sustain growth. So, it is an important part of the customer relationship management (CRM) of an organization. Businesses that succeed to achieve a higher rate of customer satisfaction are definitely going to win the battle and stay at the top. With VoIP, call center agents have the access to CRM that in turn help maintain a healthy & friendly customer-to-client relationship. The integration of various parameters with CRM software, ticketing windows, or other business communication tools can immensely benefit call centers. Agents can have the customer data at their fingertips that helps them understand a customer better and query solving. 

One system, multi-users:

The best part is, call centers can run a single OSP site and transfer all the inbound calls to an agent working from a remote location which is not the case if the space is limited and you have multiple sites. Large volume call centers that receive ‘n’ calls per day are sure to take advantage of this technology to enhance their productivity. The fight technology in place will empower your agents and enable utilities to take your business communication to touch greater heights and happy customers indeed. No more waiting, no more confusion, no long queues – fast & quick reply, better outcome.

With an increasing trend towards remote working, VoIP technology also enables a greater centralization of your business operations as a whole. Most VoIP platforms support complete automation through AI to raise the bar of a company’s customer service. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in better ROI generation & brand value. The easier option is to hire a reliable Indian VoIP service provider that can provide you with AI-based VoIP solutions. 

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