With the increased influence of online shopping, almost every business is planning to have an online presence. If you still don’t have a digital presence, then you lose out on a large chunk of the audience. According to the latest survey, those who have the best customer support team are at the ease. And, providing a good customer experience 24/7 is only possible with a flexible call center. What exactly call centers do? They basically do the job of providing support to the customer queries. If you are a contact center, then providing excellent customer service is key to your success. And, to achieve your end goal you can take the help of VoIP Providers in India.

Contact Centers are of different types, they belong to various industries and serve different purposes. A typical contact center deals with different types of customer interactions that include both voice calls and emails, whereas a call center is subjected to voice calls only. The question arises here is, with the presence of thousands of service providers, how to make sure which VoIP Providers would be good for your business? Need help? Here you go!

Why choose Indian VoIP Providers for Call Center Service?

You might not be aware of this fact, but 80% calles would disconnect the call if they don’t get to speak to a customer care executive! Well, you do have AI-powered auto-receptionist and IVR options in place, but no technology can satisfy the customers the way a human being does. That means you need an advanced Call Center phone service that can handle any volume of calls, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. In addition to this, the phone you use must have the capability to connect all the telecallers with a customer care executive instead of keeping them waiting. 

  • Zero Percentage of Missed Calls: With call center VoIP phone service, you never miss a call from customers as you can answer them on the device of your choice. In case an agent is not present at the desk, that call will be forwarded to someone else who’s available to respond. If all of them are busy, calls can be directed to a group inbox to leave a message. 
  • Quick Response Time: Putting customers on hold & playing the passing game won’t pay in the best interest of your call center. You can use the automatic routing feature of VoIP to equally distribute the calls among agents, so that customer queries can be solved quickly. 
  • More Flexibility: VoIP is not dependent on the location. So, your employees have not chained to a desk anymore. They can work remotely while staying connected with the office on the device of their choice. 
  • Cost Cutting: With so many expenses to bear, saving a ton with VoIP comes as a blessing in disguise in this highly competitive marketplace. 
  • Better Collaboration: You can host virtual meetings overcloud or do video conferencing to take a call on business decision-making. It keeps your workforce under one loop & facilitates better collaboration. 
  • Evaluation of Customer Communication: You can record calls and analyze them later on to improve your customer service. 
  • Easy Scaling: Today’s marketplace is unpredictable. So, you must have a phone system that can handle the extra volume of calls at a short notice. You can easily downsize or expand the call volume according to your business needs. No more long queues, no waiting – quick response!
  • Auro-Query Setup: Its IVR feature, gives a quick answer to some of the frequently asked questions like EMI dates, etc. It saves time & hassle for both your customers and agents. From the business point of view, you are much more efficient than ever.
  • Easy Access To Customers: Sometimes customers would like to get support through email or text. VoIP phone service unified communication channel allows you to reach them through their preferred medium.
  • More Sales Opportunity: You don’t need separate inbound and outbound call centers, as you can handle it using a single channel. Yes, VoIP provides you with this feature that your support agents can use to cross-sell and upsell customers on different products and services. This helps build a more cordial & friendly relationship with the customer that eventually results in more years of partnership. 

A satisfied customer always stays loyal to the brand. Especially at a time when customers only can support you to survive & stay strong in the Covid-19 wave. Forget about the pandemic, don’t you think you needed an intelligent, more efficient, and secure solution for your customer support team to improve the overall experience? Well, if you haven’t, then the lockdown must have made your decision a bit easier. With the majority of the workforce operating remotely and realizing the flexibility and efficiency it brings to the table, cloud telephony becoming the ultimate choice to scale up their customer service.

With an increasing trend toward better customer experience with improved problem-solving capability, cloud telephony also enables a greater centralization of your business operations as a whole. Most VoIP service providers offer AI-based cloud telephony services to businesses of all sizes to raise the bar of customer service. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in better ROI & improved brand value.

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