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A few Years ago, we were nowhere in the business but today we have no demur to mention that we are a leading VoIP service provider across the globe. When we remember those days, we find a hard-working team fascinated by the introduction of VoIP technology into the market. In the beginning, we thought it’s too late for us to enter into the international VoIP market. We had a fear of losing the battle from our competitors who were well established in this business. We had two ways in front of us which were to drop our ideas down or fight to the points of tears.

You won’t believe, we chose the second and started to put our blood, sweat, and tears to be what we are. In this process, we faced many challenges especially financial challenges but obstacles couldn’t stop us longer. Soon our team went through the phase of corporate-evolution which means some of our old friends left us and many new friends joined. Some of them were investors, some were developers, some were designers and some were experts in implementing VoIP technology. We started providing VoIP solutions to start-up & small businesses at the beginning and within few years gained the trust of thousands of established businesses.

We could have made our-self a large enterprise-friendly service provider but we can’t compromise with our moral value. Our sole motto was to help small businesses that suffer loses, lack of scope and tough completion in the market, so we branded ourselves as a VoIP service provider for small businesses. Today We are VoIPTech, a global pioneer in providing affordable VoIP solutions. You are welcome to start your own business with our unmatched VoIP & Web development services.










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