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Get a local phone number for your company and connect with customers all around the country. You may keep your personal and business identities separate from a virtual phone number. Choose a number that best represents your brand and have it forward all of your calls to your number.

What is a Virtual Phone number?

With a virtual phone number, you may interact with anyone, anywhere in the globe, at any time, using practically any internet-connected device. As a result, it’s easy to see why internet phone numbers are becoming more popular. Virtual phone numbers provide a layer of secrecy and flexibility in communication, which is something many professionals are concerned about.

A virtual phone number is the same as a regular phone number. The only distinction is that a virtual phone number is not linked to a physical phone line or a SIM card.

Incoming calls to your virtual phone number in India will be treated as if they were dialing a regular local number.

When you call from your phone number, the person you’re calling will see your number before they answer.

Virtual phone numbers in India

India virtual phone numbers, commonly known as VoIP numbers, are actual phone numbers that include business functionality. Manage your numbers using a user-friendly web interface, or have our voice services routed through your existing phone system. You can get your virtual phone number in India here VoIPTech solutions.

How does a Virtual Phone number work?

Virtual phone numbers should not be confused with phone numbers that are connected to a landline or smartphone. These numbers are generated in the cloud and are linked to a phone number you already have. As a result, virtual phone usage is also known as cloud telephony.

Traditionally, phone numbers have been associated with a specific device, such as a landline or a mobile phone. When using a landline phone, you must sit and wait in one location for a critical call. Smartphones are far superior, but you must keep one on you at all times to ensure that you are reachable. You don’t have to feel tethered to a physical location or a certain device if you use virtual phone numbers.

Who can buy a Virtual number in India?

Anyone in this world can buy an India virtual number only except the local vendors, residents, and businesses in India.

What are the advantages of Virtual Phone numbers?

  • Streamline Business Processes

Businesses can improve their communication operations by using cloud telephony and virtual number services. With a virtual number, they may simply switch consumer calls to certain agents based on their availability. Customers’ calls can also be routed to agents based on previous experience, call history, and other variables. We can eliminate inconsistencies and never miss a business opportunity as a result of this.

  • Remove the Setup cost

Don’t spend money on a costly on-premise hardware configuration. By forwarding calls to other numbers, you can avoid the hassle and cost of setting up a physical number.

  • Geographical adaptability

Use virtual numbers with different state codes to expand your local/national reach. Make your brand known in every nook and cranny.

  • Manage your business from your phone number

For all business communications, use your current phone number. Simply transfer all customer calls to your cell phone.

  • There’s More to It Than a Number

By integrating your cloud-based virtual number with IVR, you can take advantage of call recording, forwarding, and other call management tools.

  • Dashboard for Call Tracking

With call recording and call analysis dashboards, you can keep track of your daily customer interactions and process quality.

  • Two numbers, one device

Separate your professional and personal identities. All calls will be routed to your number without the caller being aware.

  • 24*7 Services

In today’s world, businesses must be connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A company’s loss of potential clients can be devastating, therefore you can’t afford to miss a single call. A virtual number takes care of this for you by automatically routing calls to the specified destination. This Virtual number allows you to take calls from anywhere, any location including on the run. A virtual Phone number provides operational flexibility for your agent who no longer needs to work from a physical location. By incorporating this technology into your communication paradigm, you will never miss another call.

  • Customer Service Enhancement

Because virtual numbers aid in the streamlining of processes, the customer experience benefits as a result. Customers can be sent to the appropriate department and agent on time. In the same way, intelligent IVR may help create a personalized experience that will improve the client experience. For example, depending on the location of the caller, they may be greeted in their original tongue.

  • Improved Customer Engagement

Improved Customer Engagement Cloud telephony solutions give you real-time data insights that can help you boost your conversion rates. Virtual numbers, for example, allow companies to keep track of all inbound and outbound calls. Businesses can engage with customers proactively based on data to increase conversion rates.

Features of Virtual Phone number

Solution for Call Management

With our all-in-one call management suite, you can handle all call center activities, including call transfer, recording, and analysis.

Integration of IVR

Integrate your telephony system with IVR and customize your caller’s experience with self-help and virtual receptionist options.

Push Notifications

Extract push updates with up-to-date employees and call information to stay informed about the call center’s quality.

Make Your Phone Number

Use your phone number and simultaneously redirect incoming calls to various extensions.

Premium Telephone Numbers

From our excellent range of virtual numbers, pick the finest phone number for your company.

SMS Notifications for Free

Send SMS alerts and notifications to your agents if any customer calls are missed or unanswered.

Why Choose VoIPTech solutions?

The virtual phone system includes an Indian virtual number, which is generally used to relay commercial calls to various pre-programmed local phone numbers. Businesses can also use the dashboard to track customer calls in real-time. As a result, it delivers the most accurate information on the number of connected and missed calls, call tracking, call forwarding, call masking, and other services included in the virtual phone number package. The VoIPTech solutions provide the best virtual number in India.