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After the unexpected surge in Covid-19 cases in the first quarter of 2021, the market seems to be going down again due to a lockdown in major Indian cities. The only hope that is keeping the hope alive is the vaccination drive which is in the full swing, but this has somehow affected the growth rate. Taking a look at the current situation, moving forward without a proper sales strategy and communication system businesses might hurt your future business prospects. When it comes to getting a new sale or how to better serve the existing ones, businesses should invest in some serious stuff that can bang on some real money – it’s providing a better customer CX. Businesses have started realizing the importance and need for solid cloud telephony to be their customers’ favorite. Having cloud telephony has become a must to survive the second covid wave and sustain growth, and it’s equally important for organizations to know how it works and what they can achieve with the technology. 

For most people technology is a blessing and to a few, it’s not. Modern-day customers’ will definitely thank the technology for introducing a number of smart devices that help them avail data at their fingertips, be it seeing the reviews, finding services, or sharing ideas. Now any form of data can be accessed in a matter of seconds. Well, it is really a great help to many, but at the same time creates a lot of confusion & turmoil. The real challenge businesses face these days is, how to keep everything smooth and user-friendly. Well, with a proper business plan in place accompanied by the advanced features of business phone systems they can take advantage of the post-Covid situation where the opportunities will be more. Both service & product-based companies can get the best out of their sales strategies. It would be better to contact a reputed VoIP Service Provider to empower your communications channels with cloud-powered business telephony.

Do you really need it? If, Yes – then why?

The business sales process is a never-ending cycle – customers will come and go, but the business that strives to give a great customer experience 24/7 stands out among millions. Luckily, you have the technology that helps you achieve your end goal. With this ever-changing marketing scenario, you must be ready for adverse situations as well, as things may not always go in your favor. So, evaluation is a must to make further improvements.

Let’s discuss the sales cycle first, how the process goes? And, cloud telephony helps?

  • You can expect a better lead generation: Listing out and reaching customers who have shown interest in your product or service. With a cloud telephony system, you never miss out a call from your potential customers.
  • You can find out what can work for your clients: Doing a proper website analysis to find out where they are lagging behind and how your solution can help solve their queries. After the findings, you can reach out to your clients through multiple channels (the channel on which there are most preferably available).
  • Pitching sales to multiple clients: Your ability to convince the client why your product is the best on the market and how your solutions can help fulfill their business needs. You can pitch sales with HD quality voice quality, without any kind of interruption.
  • Better & faster handling of customer queries: Answering customer queries and providing the appropriate solutions. You can provide solutions to their queries,24/7, by connecting to the right person or concerned department.
  • Closing of deals: Turning the leads into potential customers. The sales team can close deals from the comfort of their home, and they don’t need to be in the office space.
  • Giving timely follow-ups on a regular basis: After you close the deal, as a responsible salesperson you need to contact your clients and ask if they need any help or have queries that need to be addressed. Sales teams can follow clients on a regular basis, according to their suitable time zone from any part of the world, using devices of their choice.
  • Checking in: Once they start trusting your brand, you can ask for referrals. You can connect with them anytime and get referrals as well.

B2B or B2C – Which is best suited to cloud telephony services?

Giving your live agents the responsibility to handle different aspects of B2B & B2C marketing is definitely a win-win situation for organizations of all sizes. They become more proficient in their job, they can do multitasking and help customers solve their queries in 100% precession. According to recent studies, B2B customers’ buying decisions are not simple as B2C. They do a lot of research before making any decision. On the whole, converting a B2B client is a herculean task. And, the same is applicable for the B2C customers as well. With almost everyone having a smartphone in their hands, data is available at the fingertips, making inquiries about any product or service provider and seeing the reviews have become a cakewalk for the buyers.

It is the key to get success as a salesperson or support staff while being more proactive and responsive helps you leverage your basic skills, turning you into a pro. Modern-day customers like to be responded to faster, with real-time data. Just think of it as a customer, don’t you? The cloud technology offers a sea of advanced calling features that can streamline your sales & support process, yielding better results. Sea also means the plethora of features that will come with future upgrades.

  • With the auto-call tagging feature, your sales agents can get message notifications and timely reminders to keep track of the potential leads and give them regular follow-ups.
  • The IVR menu can easily guide callers towards the destinations to quickly connect them with the concerned person or department, putting an end to those long call waiting times. The result is, happy customers are the real money.
  • You can instantly get toll-free numbers or international numbers for the ease of doing business. You can get local area numbers without having a physical office presence in that area.
  • Callers won’t have to wait for long to speak to a human support executive as it connects instantly. No long queues, no customer frustration.
  • With smart calling features like power dialing and click-to-call, a person can make calls in quick succession that too with greater efficiency.
  • The integration of CRM with the third-party applications allow your live agents to speak with the customers with all the customer data available at their fingertips

These are the basic parameters to choose the best Cloud Telephony System for your organization.

Let’s take a look:

Switching to a cloud telephony system from your traditional phone only requires two things; 1. What are your business marketing requirements & 2? The features you need & don’t.


Here are the most important things to look for in a VoIP Phone System to improve your Call center experience:

  • Ask your service provider to give a detailed statement of the features included in the plans.
  • Does it offer CRM integration with the third-party apps
  • Does it has remote working features and better use of available bandwidth
  • Does it has an uptime of 99% that you can rely on
  • What about the future upgrade? Does your phone system support future upgrades?
  • Does it meets all the business security standards
  • Does it prove mobile app integration facility for remote working

Cloud Telephony proves to be the game-changer for small organizations to operate at the level of big enterprises without having to spend a huge amount. In addition to this, both clients and consumers are benefited from cloud-based technology, by simplifying many business communication processes. With so many new ideas and innovations to come, the future with the cloud is definitely going to make a drastic shift in interactions in the coming days which is definitely a positive sign for small-scale industries coming from different spheres with an aim to make it big.

After all, switching to the cloud has its own benefits, be it going on-premise-based operations to remote flexibility and cost-cutting. The best part is, you can set up things easily without the need to buy expensive equipment, save on monthly bills on those huge international bills, take advantage of amazing future-savvy features, and last but not the least you are not limited to your market only – there is no boundary with the cloud. It would be better to ask an Indian VoIP Development Company to do all the setup work for you so that you can go live in 15-20 minutes. You have nothing to do, as they have their own technicians who will assist from start to end so that you can get going. What’s more, within a couple of minutes you will have the capacity to solve your problem. It is uniquely designed to help industries belonging to every sphere, be it small, medium, or large.

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