According to recent studies, healthcare tops the chart in the fastest growing industry category. India stands among the top 5 in the world and its healthcare expenditure is expected to hit $280 billion by the end of this year. These are real-time data about the potential growth of healthcare. But how cloud telephony is related to healthcare? Want to know? Well, when it comes to improving customer relationships, cloud telephony can be a deciding factor. Before we jump into cloud telephony, let’s first talk about the unending growth of the healthcare industry.

Exploring the healthcare industry and its growth in detail:

Thanks to the latest technological advancements and the surge in inpatient care, contributing to the exponential growth of healthcare services. But to maintain the success rate, healthcare service providers need effective communication techniques that can help provide a hassle-free experience in even the hardest of times like Covid-19. The best thing is, it keeps the organization, hospital staff, and the patient at ease.

Healthcare needs a new technology that can efficiently handle such a huge volume of calls, which is not possible with the conventional hospital calling systems. That’s where the induction of advanced cloud technology into the healthcare system became a reality. 

What are common communication challenges that healthcare stakeholders face?

The Healthcare Units:

  • Keeping Track of The Communication Made with Patients: Healthcare units receive thousands of patient queries on a daily basis and most of their call centers don’t have a proper system to track down these conversations. 
  • Monitoring System: Monitoring customer experience is the most important thing for any institution. The absence of proper tracking & monitoring systems in healthcare gives rise to data forging that eventually results in spreading a bad reputation. 
  • Performance Measuring Tools: Most of the hospital call centers do not have a performance indicator of their live agents. 
  • Managing Outbound Campaigns: Maintaining the database for outbound campaigns such as; health camps, free check-ups, to name a few possess a real challenge for healthcare

The Patients:

  • Booking an Appointment: With multiple apps available, still, most of the patients find it challenging to book a time slot that matches their schedule.
  • Appointments Scheduling System: In most cases what happens is, patients didn’t receive any notification on the cancelation or postpone of appointments. This creates unnecessary havoc, resulting in distress & dissatisfaction.
  • Alert System: Manual alert system has a low percentage of success, it may or may not reach the patients. So, having an alert mechanism in place is a must for smooth processing of appointment rescheduling & regular checkup updates. 

The Other Medical Service Providers like Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centers, etc.

  • Managing Stores: With stores situated across multiple cities, managing customer communication & monitoring individual performance as a whole can be a challenging task.
  • CRM integration: Without a CRM system, they can lose valuable patient information and calls made to them as well.

How Cloud Telephony can improve healthcare communication? 

  • Hassle-free Patient Care Support: Patient care is the most important aspect of healthcare service providers. So, it needs to be more user-friendly and 24/7 active. Embracing cloud telephony systems allow healthcare to have a single number for all the patient queries with automated IVR guidance. It routes calls to the concerned department, based on the query type. Patients can even reach doctors of their choice or a specific department on request.
  • Auto Reminders: Patients these days expect more from their healthcare service providers like getting a reminder for their next appointment, availability of certain medications, to name a few. As a responsible healthcare institution, it’s your duty to meet their expectations. Manual calling or texting is out of favor and expensive as well, with the integration of cloud telephony you can set up an auto calling system for each individual and send reminders through SMS as well. This will help you win patients’ goodwill with the most reliable healthcare tag and enhance the inflow. 
  • Auto-generated feedback systems: For a healthcare service provider, obtaining feedback from the patients always pays in the best interest of making further improvements. With a cloud-based system, healthcare can easily collect patient feedback that eventually helps you grow as an organization.
  • Access to Real-time Patient Record: Access to critical patient records helps both patients & healthcare in better information sharing & treatment outcomes. 

By introducing Cloud telephony to your healthcare system, you can keep patient records, access them in the need of the hour, and update them as well. 

  • Automated outbound reminder campaigns: Missing important information often happens while patients document submission. It’s human nature, what you can do instead is employ technology that does send a quick reminder to prevent such things from happening. With cloud telephony, you can set auto-calling reminders to patients before an hour or a few minutes to go, so that they never miss an appointment or routine checkup. You can send a quick reminder to the concerned person in case of information missing. 
  • Data Protection: Every individual expects 100% data safety & privacy to their personal info, and patients are not an exception. In general, patients are not comfortable at all with their information being available in the public domain and to the healthcare representatives as well. That’s the reason healthcare looked for an advanced communication software solution that can ensure data integrity. With cloud technology, patients’ data remain 100% secure, only specific people can access them.

Introducing cloud telephony to the healthcare

Not only the large-scale healthcare units, small and mid-sized institutions can also take advantage of cloud telephony software to improve their customer experience 24/7. VoIPTech Solutions cloud telephony solution is highly reliable and the setup can be done in minutes. It’s high time to serve your customers better. 

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