If you are new to the system, then the IVR system might be a strange word for you. But this technology is actually meant for those who are new to the system. If you are going to explain an IVR system in technical terms, then Interactive voice response (IVR) can be defined as a system that interacts with the customer through the voice response of the customer. In addition to this, when it comes to small-scale industries, it can be a real help. And, modern-day businesses must take steps to make their products or services easily accessible for every individual. And, your biggest achievement to date would be touching the lives of customers and making an impact through your services.

In this article, we are going to explain to you the importance of the IVR system for modern-day businesses and how you can make it more user-friendly. 

An IVR System always plays an important role in offering a customized customer experience. It is an automated phone response system that individuals see, hear, and rely upon this client to make an impression about your business. The menu of Best IVR Systems when combined with elegantly composed voice prompts easily, empowers a client to look for his way through your telephone system. On a large portion of the occasions, Best IVR Systems get unfavorable criticism on account of ineffectively developed IVR messages, unintelligible IVR recording, and an excessive amount of language in the content. This prompts guest disappointment and a lost business opportunity.

Steps to make IVR System more user friendly:

  • You need to install pre-recorded prompts: You can’t touch a life or make it better without having another life or a system that resembles that life in a true sense. If you would like to make your IVR system more user-friendly, then the first step you should take is to keep things more simple and genuine. This means the pre-recorded voice that you use in your IVR must sound natural and pleasant to the customer. For this, you can record IVR prompts through genuine artists and voice specialists. Remember this will make the first impression on the customer. Do make sure, your VoIP Service Provider has this option.
  • Using Visualization: With the integration of modern-day visual IVR systems, you take your customer interaction to another level. And, the impact of the visual presentation is more than usual audio presentation. Not to forget one thing is that sometimes pre-recorded voices are not of that quality and it certainly raises the frustration level of customers who listen to it. Visual IVR is a customized menu shown on the screen of the Mobile/Pc of the customer. The customers do not need to have a go at anything but use their fingers instead of in order to choose the appropriate options from the given menu. According to recent surveys, it is shown that about 60% of the customers prefer to use visual IVR systems, which is a great thing.
  • Train Your Agents with IVR: Sometimes people say that it’s AI that will take over the human. Well, technology has an alternative to the human brain. So, no matter how advanced the technology would become, systems will always need the help of a human being to address the queries. Therefore keeping your live agents updated with the latest technologies can pay in your best interest. With IVR combined, live agents can better serve the customers and save more time from getting wasted unnecessarily.
  • Know What Exactly A Customer Wants: Understanding your customers and what exactly they are looking for is very important to build a more user-friendly IVR system. You should structure things and set up the system accordingly while keeping the client’s needs in mind. The best way to start is, making a listing out the number of client complaints and issues that usually your business receives and design appropriate menus for your visual IVR accordingly. With this, you can try to solve the issues of your customers via pre-recorded computerized voices without needing the help of a live agent.
  • Take Their Valuable Feedback: Customer feedback to make further improvement, and as a business, you shouldn’t forget to collect their valuable feedback. Feedbacks help you find your loopholes and areas you need to improve. Your IVR System should be integrated with the customer feedback options to rate the interaction or troubleshoot done by the agents.
  • Make It 24/7 Operational: Live agents can’t be present everywhere, every time. So, you need to make your IVR System operation 24/7 instead? How can it benefit you? An IVR system can work seamlessly without getting tired. You don’t need extra resources to achieve the same and at the same time, you are available to answer customer queries 24/7. Isn’t that great? It will help your customers get the required information about their issues in the absence of live agents. You can ask your VoIP service provider for the same.

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