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What Is a Softswitch?

A Softswitch is a cloud-based technology in a VoIP system for routing voice traffic and managing calls over the network. Class 4 switches connect calls among suppliers, whereas Class 5 switches route suppliers with the end users, who make and receive calls. At VoIPTech, we provide all basic to advanced soft switches, including Class 4 and 5 Softswitches. Let’s look at how these Softswitches differ from each other.

What Is a Class 4 Softswitch?

A Class 4 Softswitch connects large volumes of customers, usually international VoIP calls. For organizations that need to integrate their VoIP servers, a Class 4 Softswitch generates VoIP traffic and services over different IP networks.

Important identities of Class 4 Softswitches are:VoIP for business,voip phone system, class 4 softswitch , asterisk business solutions, VOIP Minutes Provider,

  • High volume call support and conversation.
  • Train recording.
  • Calls per second rate.
  • An average time of one-call routing.
  • The number of concurrent calls.

They provide intelligent call connecting, which reduces congestion, latency, and costs while improving the quality of VoIP calls. They have several security features.

Many Class 4 Softswitches also include a billing interface that provides call data records. They can filter information by client, date, or other parameters to generate reports of incoming and outgoing calls, unauthorized calls, traffic volume, and call routing

What Is a Class 5 Softswitch?

For customers, a SIP Class 5 Softswitch integrates phones and other devices with each other. Softswitch connection calls to the valid IP address, SIP route, or DID number. They are utilized for both domestic and international telephony. Class 5 Softswitches delivers exclusive services for end customers and business clients, including IP PBX features, call centre solutions, calling management platforms, authorization, SOPs, and business expansion.

A Class 5 Softswitch contains features required by customers like the auto receiver, call blocking, call forwarding, caller ID detection, call retention, voice messages, and video call support. VoIP service providers utilize Class 5 Softswitches to record the duration of calls so that they can bill end users automatically. Softswitches have interactive voice response systems (IVR) and several types of management protocols. For example, a SIP module can be authorized using an IP address and prefix, a number, a PIN, or a login id and password.

What about Class 1, 2, and 3 Softswitches?

Softswitches from Classes 1 to 3 are used for much larger call communication. Class 1 Softswitches are used for overseas gateways, whereas Classes 2 and 3 connect domestic clients from cities, towns, and states.

 VoIPTech C5 Softswitch software

VoIPTech Class 5 Softswitch is a scalable, telco-grade VoIP Softswitch, and as such, it is the core technology of our advanced communication solutions. It is the technology of choice for routed, diverged, and wireless network communications and serves as an accessor platform for voice-over services. The Class 5 switch is highly in demand. It can control different business commands for both the domestic and international business markets.

What VoIPTech solutions serve you in class 5 Softswitch

  • Voice and Video Telephony
  • Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence
  • Voice/IM conferencing
  • Interactive Voicebox and Voice-to-mailVoIP for business,voip phone system, class 4 softswitch , asterisk business solutions, VOIP Minutes Provider,
  • Fax-to-email, Web fax, and Fax Clients
  • Serial and Parallel Call Forking
  • Periodic, time-based Call Forwarding (CFU, CFB, CFNA, CFT)
  • Inbound and outbound Call Blocking and Anonymous Call Rejection
  • CLIP/CLIR, DDI, DID, and Extension Dialing
  • Signalling over UDP, TCP, TLS, WS, WSS
  • DTLS-SRTP transcoding for WebRTC bridging
  • Source number discriminatory CF
  • SMS send/receive/forward via SMPP

What the VoIPTech Class 5 Softswitch Can Do

The VoIPTech Class 5 is a beyond-your-imagination idea and a highly advanced SIP Softswitch that delivers the needs of many domestic and international business purpose solutions. Due to its versatility, the VoIPTech Class 5 can be easily installed by simply accessing easy software modules already part of the immediate deployment.

With this software, the C5 can be converted into a powerful PBX platform. It can also be the termination platform for mobile SIP clients, deployed on 3G/4G/5G mobile phones. The Sipwise C5 is a great choice for those service operators. 

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