Call Center is not just the support system of any organization, it can be the window to create new sales opportunities. Before you get confused with so many ‘Ws’ about Call Centers, let’s come straight to the topic. Didn’t get along with ‘Ws’? Well, it’s the What, Why, Who, etc., that every question starts with. Okay, shall we start? 

So, what exactly is a call center? How do you define it?

Deep inside your brain, there must be a sea of questions, coming out of curiosity. It’s normal. In general, call centers are a place (can be virtually anywhere) where queries find the solutions and you get the assistance via technical infrastructure. The primary mode of interaction is phone calls.

Does every business have its own call center? A business can have its own call center or else outsource the process that depends on their needs. However, having a dedicated infrastructure will pay in your best interest. You can also opt for third-party service providers to pamper your customer needs.


If you are planning to have your own call center, then you must have the proper system step up to provide support, agents to handle the calls, and tools to segregate them.

What does a business need in a call centers, the purpose? 

  • To provide 24/7 customer support and other related services: Customer support is the utmost thing taken your clients happy. And, there is no alternative to customer support. Responding to customer queries, keep informing them about the status of their order.
  • To offer technical assistance, after-sales service: With a call center, you can offer technical support to the end-users and regular follow-ups
  • Peach for s new sales and SDR: By offering technical solutions to various businesses, you can generate new leads through your call center service and respond to inbound queries.

What are the call center types?

There are different types of call centers, they are as follows:

  • Inbound call centers: It’s the type of call center that basically handles all the incoming calls from customers. Their job is to listen to or register the queries and provide assistance over the phone.
  • Outbound call centers: This type of call center mainly deals with pitching calls for different prospects, signing sales deals, or to do telemarketing.
  • Call centers that perform both inbound and outbound duties: In general, most SMEs have call centers that perform both inbound and outbound duties. They usually handle thousands of calls that can be providing customer support or pitching for sales. However, there should be a proper distinction between the inbound and outbound calls, before adopting any kind of technical solution.

For inbound calls, there must be the call routing feature; in other words, to make sure the calls get connected to the right person so that the queries can be resolved or problems are solved without wasting valuable time. Businesses can be available 24/7 with IVR integration, reducing call waiting time and providing a better experience.

Knowing the important keyword of the Call center vocabulary:

Before you try any new technology, you must understand the mainly used keywords to get the technical aspect right. Listed below are a few things that you should know:

  • Live Agent: A person that takes calls
  • Position: The present location of the live agent
  • Call blending: The tool that alters inbound and outbound calls, depending on the call volume on certain days or hours. It definitely helps improve agents’ productivity.
  • Call center manager: The person that looks after all the call center operations and keeps track of the agent’s activities.

The tools that are must-haves to make a call center operational.

The concept of a call center starts with the integration of call center software. Unlike traditional phone systems, a call center software meant to provide all the advanced features you need to make your call center activities functional and monitor agents’ performance.

Tools required for a call center solution:

  • IVR and smart call routing system 
  • CRM software.
  • Call analytics
  • Call automation

Can small businesses afford their own call centers?

Gone are the days of lengthy setup processes, complex “on-site” installation, expensive hardware, and regular maintenance. With Indian VoIP service providers, businesses of any size, be it small or midsize can go for their own call center. Cloud-based technologies have made it possible for a small-scale business having its own customer support system. In addition to this, the phone systems have become user-friendly than ever, empowering businesses of any size to have full control over their activities.

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What AI can do to your Call centers? 

VoIP phones are powered by artificial intelligence with the human touch certainly takes the call center operation to the next level. What you think can be done, without needing your intervention. Isn’t it great? Well, it’s now a reality, thanks to AI.

Here are two live examples of AI & its incredible applications. Let’s take a look.

  • Assisting Agents: You must have come across the Speech-to-Text technology, right? It translates the keywords into sentences and puts them in the search bar. It helps agents get personalized tips and necessary information that eventually contribute to providing a great customer experience.
  • Call Quality Check: With voice analysis, floor managers or call supervisors can check the call quality, identifying the key areas that need improvement. This way you can get the best out of your conversations. 

What future does it have in its kitty?

If you see it from the technical point of view, futures have many things in their kitty and it would be starting with:

  • You can expect more refined call routing
  • Immediate response.

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