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What is a Virtual phone number?

A virtual phone number, also known as direct inward dialing (DID), is a phone number that is not associated with physical phone equipment or line and allows the customer or users to divert and route calls from one number to another number.

Traditionally, the regular phone numbers or landline phone numbers were designed to work over a single phone line that ran from the phone company to your home or office, and any phone calls(incoming or outgoing) made to that number could only be forwarded to that precise physical location. Even while cell phones or traditional phones are more mobile than landlines, they still rely on cell towers for coverage. By removing these limits, a virtual phone number allows a company to have more control and flexibility over how it receives calls.

With a virtual phone number, you may interact with anyone, anywhere in the globe, at any time, using practically any internet-connected device. As a result, it’s easy to see why internet phone numbers are becoming more popular. Virtual phone numbers provide a layer of secrecy and flexibility in communication, which is something many professionals are concerned about.

How virtual phone number work?

Virtual phone numbers, rather than a phone company or a mobile tower, rely on the internet for coverage, allowing customers or users to be reached by phone or computer. You can also change the device you’re using in real-time.

What do you mean by Free Virtual Phone number?

The number which is free or free of cost is known as a toll-free number. The toll-free number is also known as a free phone number. The free virtual number or at no cost is called a toll-free virtual phone number or a free virtual phone number.

A free virtual number is a phone number that clients from all over the world can use to reach your company for no charge. You may expand your business presence to any of VoIPTech solutions’ 200+ business-boosting destinations across the world by activating a virtual number today. Because virtual numbers look to callers in the same way that conventional numbers do, you can give the idea that your company has offices all over the world by using VoIPTech solutions to set up a series of easy-to-use virtual numbers.

Benefits of a Free Virtual phone number?

Cost efficiency-

Toll-free Internet connections can be used to route regional and worldwide calls to free virtual phone numbers within the organization. Internal or incoming client calls may appear to be dialing a local number, but the call is answered on the other side of the globe at no additional expense to the company. Individual phone numbers can be reached at little or no cost, anywhere, at any time, on a multitude of devices.

Free Virtual phone numbers work on desktop phones, mobile phones, and smartphones. This eliminates the need to purchase new telephone systems and handsets to introduce new features and services.

Advanced development features and services- Virtual numbers enable the use of the complete spectrum of hosted VoIP services. Call forwarding, call attendants, SMS, and email integration, and even call conferencing and video conferencing are all options. It is feasible to have an organization’s phone system with supposedly internal extension numbers for employees anywhere in the world if the hosted solution is put in the cloud.


By combining virtual numbers with call logging, call charges can be kept under strict control. A company can easily determine who called when, where, and for how much. Limiting the number of calls a person can make can increase security while also saving money. Users cannot make illegal calls, especially to expensive regional and international PSTN numbers, when a security profile is associated with a free virtual number rather than a physical device. You can also separate work and personal calls on the same smartphone. The Virtual phone Number forwards business calls to the device. If caller Identification is enabled, the phone will be able to differentiate between which calls a business calls and personal calls. Contacts and other information can be split by business and personal categories in some VoIP solutions(VoIPTech solutions) and smartphone apps.


Expenses should be as little as possible.-

Free Virtual phone numbers eliminate the need for expensive hardware setup and accompanying infrastructure. Furthermore, expenditures on related operations such as routine maintenance, additional personnel, emergency repairs, and so on become obsolete. Instead, you pay a low monthly charge to a supplier for all of these services.

Furthermore, most service providers provide a “pay-as-you-go” model, which allows you to scale your operations while keeping control of your costs.

Portability of Numbers-

A well-publicized and well-marketed business phone number can quickly become a symbol of your identity. Changing your phone number in the middle of a transaction can affect your sales and your brand’s image.

A virtual phone number enables easy porting, guaranteeing that your phone number remains yours! If you wish to move your company to a different city or check out a new cloud telephony service provider, you may do it easily by paying a small number transfer charge.

How do you get features from using a Free Virtual phone number?

Activation without a problem

In nations where proofs are not required, we provide instant activation. With a single API call, you can upload and validate all of your address and identification proofs.

Numbers You Can Rely On

In the inventory, only clean numbers are available. To avoid unsolicited calls or blocks, we conduct a comprehensive investigation and impose a cooling-off period.

Exceptional Quality Standards

We’ve hand-selected every step of the procedure to ensure the best possible customer experience and the fewest possible call failures.

Inventory and broad coverage

Using our robust APIs, get fast access to national, local, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers all around the world.

How to Get a Free Virtual phone number?

To get a Free Virtual phone number contact our VoIPtech solutions teams. Our team members are always there for you to solve any queries about Virtual phone numbers or free virtual phone numbers. Still confused about how to get a free virtual phone number then contact us via or contact number-+91-7008220621 to our team members.

Let VoIPTech solutions show you customer support that is second to none. Our team is available 24/7, which means you have access to technical support and consultation services any time of day or night.


Why only VoIPTech solutions?

When you start using a Free virtual phone number, you’ll discover how effective it is for your business. It provides great professional benefits at an affordable price. It will also allow you to keep your job and personal lives distinct and guarantee that neither interferes with the other. VoIPtech solutions provide the best Free phone virtual number which is free for your customers.

A virtual phone number is a smart choice for your company’s communication needs. At a low cost, it provides significant features such as call routing, auto-notifications, and more. Virtual number and cloud telephony solutions have already made an impact in the corporate world by improving customer experience and facilitating business expansion. It’s now or never to incorporate these technological advancements into your business model and soar to new heights.