So, what do you think of a call center? How do they operate? Is it only meant for large organizations only? When you hear the word “call center” the very first thing striking your mind would be a bust office space filled with a number of people sitting in front of computers with headphones on and talking, right? Well, it’s the common perception of the general audience and might be correct to a certain extent, but it is not meant for the industry biggies only! Up until a few years ago, it might be correct, but as of now, even a start-up needs to have a call center of its own. It was a luxury then, but now it has become a necessity, especially when it comes to small-scale businesses

SMBs implementing their own call center is not an easy task at all. A number of businesses can get stuck between the juggles of software and hardware. And, it’s really daunting. But, they do need call centers to compete at the highest level. As they cannot afford to lose out a large chunk of the audience to large companies. Because one customer gone is one customer less.

So, is there any way that small & mid-sized businesses can avoid these issues? Well, Indian VoIP Providers can help. Before we move to any conclusion, let’s take a look at the common problems faced by SMBs while deploying call centers.

  • Call Center: The cost factor plays a bigger role when it comes to deploying a call center in SMBs. Because SMBs don’t have a huge budget for call center operations like big companies. Even if they seem to afford call center solutions initially, they end up going over-budget as they have to buy new hardware, software, take a place on rent, & recruit new resources. 

Fortunately, the cost issue can be taken care of by the VoIP providers in India. They offer business phone systems, cloud-based call center software with VoIP Minutes that allows agents to operate from remote locations on the devices of their choice. You don’t need to invest in buying new equipment, on-premise hardware, renting office space, etc., you save big on your monthly phone bills on local & international calls.

  • The Technology You Use: Small scale businesses often have difficulties when it comes to managing different call center technologies at a time. The VoIP phone system is just the tip of the iceberg, as they have to deal with CRM integration, management tools, mobile apps to manage the call center operations. Each of the following systems has a designated role to play in your call center. Again, they need a timely upgrade as well to be on their 100%.

Going for a hosted call center solution is the ideal way to solve the above problems. Your VoIP service provider will take care of all the security updates, feature upgrades by providing on-site technical assistance. 

  • Flexibility: If there’s one thing that the pandemic has made us learn, it’s the flexibility of remote working. And, for the call center employees, it’s a must. It’s not only beneficial for employees, it’s a great way to save money for the companies as well while keeping productivity high.

They don’t need a huge office space downtown to run their call center. No computers, no on-premise hardware, no coffee, no electric bills, no interior expenditure, no parking space, no travel expenses. However, you need to make sure that your employees have the right tools to work from home. They need the hardware support, install software, and need proper training to be 100% efficient. Do make sure you have everything in place.

  • Multi-channel Support: Gone are the day’s callers waiting for minutes on the other hand expecting an agent to solve their queries. As this generation of customers want a business to be available 24/7, no matter where they are, as a business you have to re-think your customer support strategies. Customers don’t want a handful of options such as; personal visits, telecalling, email. To compete in this ever-changing digital era, you have to be more proactive on various communication channels that include email support, voice calling, video calling, social networking sites, instant messaging apps to name a few. And, you’re still not done, as customers would like to access these channels from the device of their choice – it can be a desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, or any smart device. 

If you are planning to set up a call center, it may be worth searching for the best VoIP Service Provider that can provide you with the most advanced Call Center software with phone systems. With the rate of progress, the present organizations confront, joining with the need to control costs and convey dependable customer services with your own contact center could be the most effortless choice you’ll make.

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