Have you ever thought about Cloud Telephony? And how Cloud Telephony could have the single need of the hour for your call center solution? Because when it comes to running a small to medium scale business whether it be logistics, transportations, manufacturing, and any other industries, all have realized that stagnancy in the constantly evolving call center climate is quite dangerous for their sustenance. However, call centers felt the need to automate their customer service processes only with an increasing number of customer calls. And the Cloud Telephony allowed the call centers to automate their communication processes, starting from receiving calls to analyzing calling data. Isn’t it great?   

However, through the adoption of Cloud Technology, a rising number of Indian companies have started focusing on technical advancements and innovation now. And all communication applications and services are managed and controlled by a service provider which is the most important reason for the success of the cloud telephony system. So always choose Cloud Technology which could add a whole new dimension to your call center.

Cloud Telephony Communication

Generally, a company’s communication system on the cloud is being hosted by cloud telephony systems that were ultimately situated inside the company’s premises. Using an online portal, the organization can connect to the customers with hosted telephony. However, in a few clicks, this portal facilitates all the communication processes which include dialing, receiving, routing, and monitoring. And to get started with the cloud telephony system, businesses usually do not need any equipment or additional space. However, to maximize its communication effectiveness it offers a range of automated services that a business can easily use. 

  • Virtual number– A virtual number is a unified phone number that does not connect with a physical telephone line. However, all the arriving calls are being transferred to a separate phone number that is mapped against the virtual number.  
  • Toll-free number– Without paying any call charges a phone number on which customers can seamlessly call.  
  • Interactive Voice Response –   For quick query resolution, an automated virtual receptionist answers the customer’s call and guides them further in the process.
  • Bulk SMS –  At a single click, when text messages can be sent from a messaging system to many recipients. 
  • Number Masking – To protect the caller’s identity, it is a technique that is used. And to safeguard the caller’s identity a temporary virtual number against the caller’s original number is being assigned. 

Various Drawbacks of Using Traditional Phone System:

For customer interaction, many businesses in India completely rely on traditional telephone systems today. And system failure is one nightmare that businesses dread to face in reality which is among all the drawbacks. However, it does irreparable damage to the brand image but also affects the customer’s trust as well. 

Below is the serious problem one must face while adopting traditional phone systems: 

Network Issues: Due to adverse weather conditions and poor maintenance of the telephony system, Indians regularly experience network problems. However, repairing the damaged lines takes a toll on customer service and results in loss of customers and revenue usually takes weeks or more than months. 

Security: If appropriate security mechanisms are not in place one can easily hack the data in traditional systems. And the security of your system gets breached, and data becomes vulnerable once the system is hacked. However, various issues like interruption of service, data theft, and system failures are caused due to hacking. 

Disaster Recovery: Usually the whole telephony setup is damaged and halted resulting in massive data loss due to various natural calamities and disasters like floods, earthquakes, landslides, and many more. And it takes months to regain normalcy in such situations.

Hardware Failure: Lastly without any alert,  system hardware can stop working unexpectedly if the system is outdated and pretty old. And for an unexpected time, such failures can immediately put a stop to the smooth running of the business.

Cloud Telephony giving your communication system a new edge. How? 

Below are the following benefits of cloud telephony helping small, medium, and large businesses: 

  • Call Recording and Data Storing:   Recording customer calls, keeping a track record of missed and on-hold calls, analyzing the call duration and number of calls, and store the data of customers in the cloud which is done by Cloud Telephony and can easily be accessed anywhere almost instantly. 
  • Cost-effective:  As you don’t need a physical space or infrastructure to set up the system, cloud telephony is extremely cost-effective. As cloud telephony liberates you from these overhead costs, you need to worry about landlines, routers, nor installation costs. 
  • Scalability: Without any hindrance, a small business can confidently expand its hold and scale up its business. Over a click or phone call, any business can tackle an increase in customer calls in simple terms. And whenever required, users simply need to ask the service provider to scale the calling channels.
  • Ease of Access:  However, the employees can access the stored data almost instantaneously from the comforts of their home or a remote place only with the growing trend of work flexibility. And without compromising their productivity, they have control and access to the stored information to work hassle-free being anywhere.
  • Data Restoration:  When required cloud telephony services automatically backup and restore the data due to which your businesses need not have to worry anymore about the loss of data. However, there is a higher possibility of system failures for traditional phone systems,  so your business can rely on these services completely. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience:  Customers have a positive experience while contacting customer support with IVR and cloud-hosted phone numbers. However, they find it convenient to contact the customer service at any time from anywhere since the customers can access the services round the clock. And without compromising quality or productivity, IVR makes sure that the customer gets a personalized experience.  
  • Security:  When compared to traditional systems, cloud-based telephony systems provide an increased level of data security. And to ensure data safety, cloud providers have a dedicated security team deployed.  

So always keep in mind that Cloud Telephony is a must-have for any business just to thrive in the competitive scenario. And the main motive of cloud communication is offering seamless and efficient communication between your business and its customers, which gives you the opportunity to stay ahead and consolidate your position. 

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