Don’t you think outsourcing customer service can be a great asset for keeping your call center run smoothly? But worried about the high telecom charges? Well, in that case, a free virtual phone number in Kolkata can be the best solution for your call center. Because a free virtual phone number in Kolkata is the only provider available 24/7 that provides a cost-efficient solution. So to manage high international communication overheads, a free virtual phone number in Kolkata is a great choice to move ahead. Isn’t it really amazing? 

However, through a free virtual phone number in Kolkata, you can simply switch for better management of the calls received by your agents. And by enabling call transfers, remote working, and performance monitoring you can easily serve a great customer experience 24/7round the clock. In simple words, you can explain that it is nothing but just as simple as a single phone number. 

What Exactly A Virtual Number Can Do?

Virtual Phone Numbers can usually work in two major ways:

  • Single device–multiple channels: Including the mobile phone that you already have a virtual number can forward calls to any device of your choice. Your business calls are directed to your personal phone so you do not need to buy a new device. But at the same time, you can easily determine the purpose of the call, whether it’s a personal one or a business call. So using the same device you can easily separate your personal and business lives. If you want to test different ad campaigns you can have multiple virtual phone numbers connected to the same phone. 
  • Single phone number–multiple devices:  Usually the number of devices it can direct calls to is almost unlimited when a virtual number is working through a forwarding service. And when you are running an organization with several partners, there are several phone numbers your business can be reached by. But a virtual number makes it easier by combining them into just one for callers to access. However, it can be forwarded to all the numbers you have at once with all the devices ringing at the same time, or just go from one number to another usually when a call is placed. 

A General Traditional Cost of Outsourcing to Kolkata, India:

Being aware of the fact that due to Kolkata’s high population of well-educated workers, low employee wage rates, and convenient time zone, outsourcing customers are quite popular. But at the same time the call center providers that make the decision to outsource to other cities can choose between three basic outsourcing approaches:

  • Choose an Indian Contact Center: Always remember that India Contact centers are established businesses that offer IT and telecommunications outsourcing services to companies across the globe. In the beginning, you might feel it is simple, expensive, and poor service quality but afterward, you can realize its necessity. 
  • Establishment Of Indian Contact Center:  At some point in time the business usually chooses to establish its own independent contact center by hiring international employees. Even for large companies, the overheads involved can be crippling which gives business managers a greater level of control over customer service quality.  
  • Utilize a network of virtual employees: Now the rapidly gaining popularity is to hire remote customer service employees which is a cheap and manageable option by using free virtual phone numbers. And businesses can develop global employee networks that ensure 24/7 round-the-clock customer service at a very minimal cost only through virtual numbers and call forwarding. 

Reducing the Cost of Outsourcing through Free Virtual Number In Kolkata:

Generally speaking, to create local phone numbers for all of the area codes that they market is only because of the Virtual numbers enabling global businesses. Being anywhere in the world, calls made to these local virtual numbers can be automatically forwarded to customer service representatives. However, to eliminate high telecom overheads Virtual call centers work in three ways:

  • Scalability:  Most businesses can hire customer service representatives on an urgent basis as the virtual lines require no equipment installation and can be activated instantly. However, by eliminating the overheads involved in maintaining a brick-and-mortar international call center employees can even work from home which is quite easy. 
  • SIP Routing:  Always remember that through traditional PSTN phone lines and through enterprise-grade, the call made to a virtual number can be easily routed. Through any wireless capable device, SIP calling enables businesses to connect calls which can help to significantly reduce international toll charges. 


  • Free call recording with cloud storage, enabling business managers to closely monitor remote employee performance are being offered by most of the good virtual number providers. 

Activate a Free Virtual Number in Kolkata – How? 

 Generally, it takes just a few minutes to activate a virtual number in Kolkata which is quite a simple process. However, to activate and select a trustworthy virtual number provider choose the toll-free, vanity, or local phone number. And you will be able to add additional lines and manage call forwarding right from your desktop by creating a seamless customer service network that keeps your call center running 24/7 once your virtual phone system is up and running smoothly. 

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