VoIPTech has its own business model with multiple VoIP switches parked in India and abroad to support clients with no ambiguity for the service offered

VoIP is the software that transforms your voice into a digital network, accessing you to make a call directly from a desktop, a VoIP phone, or other internet-driven devices. Simply saying, its phone service assimilated over the internet. You also have heard it as IP telephony, data telephony, internet telephony, or broadband telephony service.

 VoIP software enables domestic telephony services to function over internet networks using packet-switched methods. VoIP puts digital signals into small packets, similar to electronic particles. VoIP signals can be transmitted over any VoIP-accessible network, such as a local area network or Wi-fi.

Compared to ordinary telephone service

As VoIP uses the internet, much more data can be transmitted over the network to support and agile your communication needs.

In addition to domestic voice services, VoIP gives you the luxury of advanced applications that can vitally help your team members be more capable and productive. VoIP solutions focused on businesses have grown into advanced communications services that express all communications—phone calls, voice messages, emails, video conferences, and more—as significant units that can all be accessed via any means of the device, including VoIP phone.

The end lineconverging to VoIP might also help you save expenditure on telephone services, and local calls are usually free with VoIP service. The only compensation is for your internet access.

Enabling VoIP never means that all your team members have to use IP-based phones. The best VoIP providers access IP telephony in such a way that protects your capital in existing hardware equipment, even if you have analog calling stations.

Benefits of VoIP

  • Reduce telephone expenditure and save time by merging phone and internet accounts
  • Access your communication network from anywhere with just an internet connectionvoip phone system, class 4 softswitch , asterisk business solutions, VOIP Minutes Provider,
  • Increase and decrease your phone system adjustments without installing more landlines
  • Incorporated phone and video conferencing access for more efficient and productive communications
  • Liable your communications management with just a single route for voice and data
  • Simply set up multi-way calls, conferencing, and call queuing facilities

Why We Picked It

The latest TECHNOLOGY, dubbed VoIPTech, provides service for messaging, video conference, and call Management, which is more advanced from basic voice services toward a drastic approach.

Stop sinking time and worrying about per-minute charges or calling limits. To gain your customers’ trust, prioritize your communication and get in touch with them regularly.

The number of clients will be unlimited for this plan. The customer pays a fixed compensation to make calls to any location.

Transforming all calls to monitor and manage quality assurance and management review.

Multi -way-conferencing to connect on projects with employees and partners. It helps make efficient your products, services, and customer relationship.voip phone system, class 4 softswitch , asterisk business solutions, VOIP Minutes Provider,

Call Management to display the business number of the caller to the end user. The service may identify your company name linked with a business phone number, called Calling Name Presentation. (CNAM)

Call Queuing and advanced call forwarding and CRM development to stay in touch with your consumers from any geographical location irrespective of your employees being busy or unavailable.

The Voicemail-to-email feature is to easily maintain, recall and analyze, and respond to customers’ messages even if you miss any calls.

Call Analytics to view insightful reports of your businesses to make crucial improvements and make unique business decisions.

Access the internet connectivity to connect your calls muzzle-free, join or host video conferences, and receive and send instant messages and voice messages from anywhere.

Leverages advanced features such as call receivers, call Management, call queues, and popular visual studio integrations to operate your business. These key aspects are often indulged with business communication service plans.

Connect with international clients through VoIP and save expenditure. A Business VoIP phone system is all about advancing and upscaling your business. Adopt this service to upscale your business today.

Availability of easy use of the telephone system no matter what the location is. Exclude the need for the expensive hardware infrastructure and enables remote working for team members. Many companies use business VoIP services to evolve their inbound and outbound call center.

Organizes your working infrastructure and business goals separately and manage all your calls from the cell phone version whenever you are not in the office; this helps you increase your efficiency.

Auto receive (Virtual Receptionist)

The automated receiver facility allows your end users to receive personalized greetings and is routed to the appropriate departments, personnel, extensions, etc., according to their premise.


VoIPTech has also proven itself trustworthy at high call bandwidth, something that many services providers suffer with when put under pressure. Its AI-backed transmission and call management features are particularly amazing. Our CRM capabilities give admins many options in an easy-to-understand UI.

We offer advanced and customized solutions for any enterprise to make international calls for business development, quality assurance, and inter and office communication. By choosing VoIPTech’s VoIP and IP telephony, businesses can exclude the tolls charged by domestic telephone services.