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Planning to start your own wholesale VoIP business? The first thing you need to do is, search for reliable VoIP Wholesale providers that can provide you with the white routes, fast & secure termination/origination, and better management of networks for Tier-1 & Tier-2 carriers and providers at the most competitive prices in the market. And, who could be better than the Indian VoIP service providers! You have no limitation to the A-Z VoIP services, but also to end-to-end support that VoIP resellers around the world plead for which also include, network with wireless-based features, call back services, calling cards for the carriers, and a  variety of call shops. Let’s explore more about the wholesale VoIP business.


What You Should Expect From An Indian Wholesale VoIP Business?


Well, when it comes to the Indian Wholesale VoIP providers, you can set your expectations a bit higher than that of others. Following services is the mark of a good company:


  • Origination: When we talk about VoIP calls, origination tops the chart. Why is this so important? You must have come across the SIP handoff between different technologies that generally occurs during calls – this is where origination comes into play. These days, most of the reputed VoIP Providers do have their own IP PBX systems that are where actually these calls originate and transform into the actual handset, and some of them still originate from PSTN. The calls are successfully routed to the destination with the help of the providers, what needed is – a valid phone number and a person can receive the call from anywhere in the world.


  • Termination: Termination refers to the dialing numbers as part of outbound calling. However, do you have any idea regarding POP? Well, it is the last point of presence that a network uses to process the calls. In order to terminate the calls, you can use different endpoints, and having a phone number is not that necessary. You can avail of this service with most Indian wholesale VoIP providers.


  • Collocation: The term collocation shares similar characteristics with that of a VoIP timeshare, however, its main requirement is a solid ICT infrastructure. If you are a small-scale business or a startup looking to rent the bandwidth and servers then you can easily get from Indian providers. They will provide you with the proper infrastructure set up as well. If you are a business with a huge workforce operating 24/7, then you may not require as you have enough manpower to look after the servers and bandwidth. If you are a small-scale organization with a few employees then getting the best deal that not only saves cost and does not ask for a high maintenance package.


  • Provision of Lines: The term refers to, using ISDN tp provisioning and distribution of a unique phone number as required by the customers. The process involves the integration of all the available services, controlling networks, the much-needed features for VoIP wholesale. Then comes the system configuration that includes allocating the ports, setting up the switches, determining the gateways, etc. With service providers like VoIPTech Solutions, you avail of fast-track provisioning that ensures a quick & hassle-free service.


  • Managing the Network: The term refers to doing the quality check with rigorous monitoring capabilities. Most Indian VoIP Wholesale service providers have the capacity and infrastructural support to provide you with tools to monitor the voice quality, consistency of the signal, uptime, downtime, prioritization of the network traffic, and re-routing of the inbound calls that generally occurs due to fluctuation in rate tables. With VoIPTech Solutions, you can stay a step ahead with features like server monitoring, data authenticity check, switches installation, and more.


  • Billing Structure: The billing structure depends on the carriers, as different providers have different rate charts. What would be the ideal way to choose the right one? Well, opt for a company that gives a detailed structure of the billing solutions with a variety of options to add features as per your business needs.


  • Fax support over IP: If you are a business or an individual entity that requires Fax service from the service providers end, then do make sure you do not forget to check if the dedicated gateway to support your T.38 termination services and high-quality TDM is a part of your current subscription. How do they help? They ensure a steady decline of latency rate, jitter-free network, and lesser packet loss. 


Future of the VoIP Wholesale marketplace?


If you are planning to start your own VoIP wholesale business, then this is the best time to start. With travel restrictions in force amid the surge of covid cases in the second wave, phone calls are the only way to communicate – be it for B2B or B2C. So, investing in an entity that guarantees a return on investment with a great share of profit is definitely a wise decision. Well, it has to be on the brighter side. But you have to make sure that all the necessary measures are taken to bring your business in a position that can excel with the marketing freebies. Don’t think of getting big from the start, but you can still pave your own market in a niche to make it big. Always do remember the examples you take, were once a startup.


VoIP reselling could be the biggest asset when you’re remote selling. Do make sure you hire the right VoIP provider to get the job done. Are you a service-based business, looking for affordable VoIP Providers that can provide you with advanced VoIP phone systems and the required software to support remote sales teams? You couldn’t have a better choice than VoIPTech Solutions. We offer you VoIP phones with call center software that not only empower your sales team but also make sales more fun. Save big with our paid VoIP MInutes plan, starting from only $10. For further queries, please call: +91-7008220621.