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There is one thing for sure, slowly but steadily the VoIP technology is taking a huge lead over the telecom market. According to studies, there has been an unexpected rise in demand for VoIP phone systems in industries coming from various genres. The market is booming and various carriers are looking to make the most out of the opportunities from the fastest growing VoIP technology. However, there is one thing that everyone wants to know, whether delivering the VoIP with a wholesale model would be profitable? Their customers, in general, the Service Providers, are now exploring different options to take advantage of the huge competition to save big with the lowest price war, by leveraging the most feasible business solutions for cloud telephony that is: “set up”, “purchase” or “rent”. If you see it from the business perspective, you won’t need to invest a ton to get going in wholesale VoIP or join the channel. Thanks to the Telecom biggies, they have already done all the hard work for you. You are now available with the turnkey and a whole range of VoIP business solutions and hardware supplies. Now to living your dream as a Wholesale VoIP Reseller is an absolute reality, and the best thing is virtually you won’t have to invest anything, while you can earn a great share of profit from the same.

Why become a Wholesale VoIP Reseller?

In this digital arena, service providers planning to broaden their reach by delivering VoIP solutions to a wider audience base and registering themselves as wholesale VoIP resellers is the ideal way to start. Why? Wholesale VoIP is not limited to a particular sector or horizon, be it the other VoIP providers, organizations, or residential users, it can be sold to both B2B & B2C.

Reselling VoIP services has become one of the most popular business models in the market and wholesale VoIP companies are the biggest gainers. They are now having a great time juggling between the profit share and controlling the market at will. Any VoIP service provider with a loyal customer base is proved to be the game changer & a profitable entity in reselling wholesale VoIP.

Becoming a wholesale VoIP reseller will bring in a lot of potentials and opens up new windows of opportunities if everything done right.

Understanding the wholesale consumer demand

Understanding the complexity of segmentation that is eventually seen in growing consumer demand and quick turnaround in the characteristics will always pay in your best interest.  The change of course comes from both ends that include the end-users and wholesale customers.

There is a huge difference between those that are coming from the ‘packed customers’ and the traditional telecommunication service providers. Here the telephony services remain common, but the tariffs for long-distance calling sets them apart. 

Today’s competitive working module requires instant messaging, audio & video conferencing solutions, team collaboration, call center software, etc …which is only possible with VoIP technologies. These miscellaneous and rapid shifts in customer requirements and cost factors have made a dynamic shift in the telecom industry, giving birth to a high-end technology that can solve all their problems and VoIP is the one.

The future of the telecommunication market is definitely going to be controlled by the ‘packed customers’ and service providers should be ready to adopt the change.

The future of the VoIP Market in India:

Being the fastest growing economy in the world, the Indian market has advanced dramatically between 2014-2020, bagging more than 5.7 million VoIP users. And, the result? The revenue of the VoIP Wholesale, reaching its all-time high. With a number of big players announcing their entry to the market, the demand and expectations for cloud telephony features and applications is going to revolutionize the Indian market in the coming years.

With the growing expansion of retail VoIP services, the chances are high of wholesale VoIP reaching its peak. Out of which, international VoIP will be the largest consumable force in the industry, surging from 42% of all revenues to 57% by the end of 2023.

How VoIPTech Solutions can help?

VoIPTech Solutions is Indian based international VoIP service provider that provides affordable wholesale VoIP services to customers all around the globe that include both VoIP resellers and end-users. Its flexible business modules give companies & clients a solid platform to grow and make revenues without being tied to any sort of agreements. Resellers can use the user-friendly user portal for the allocation of numbers, provision servers, configure systems, and generate bills. 

The best part is, they accept wholesale traffic coming from different sources and offer them routes. Apart from all the common service & features include, our offerings keep you a step ahead of your competitors. Would you like to know how? Let’s take a look at the long list of exceptional features & services:

  • We have dedicated servers in over 165+ nations worldwide that work with or without switch partitioning
  • We prove Sip Trunking services
  • You avail of quick DID Porting services in the country of your choice
    • Lowest rates in the market
    • Best-in-class technical support
    • Class 4 & Class 5 SoftSwitch solutions available
    • A secure VoIP Billing Database with user-friendly API
  • 15 days FREE of cost trial package
  • No obligation test
  • High-quality A – Z Termination.
  • No contract, No Commitment, No hidden fees
  • Unlimited international VoIP minutes
  • Local phone numbers with area code & more

VoIPTech Solutions would be an ideal partner to start your career as a Wholesale VoIP Reseller by meeting the diversified needs of your customers with its out-of-the-box solutions. You can also take advantage of our all-inclusive VoIP wholesale service packages that allow you to run your business on a full-time or part-time basis. If you would like to have a word with the experts, then you can call us at: +91-6746828203.