Are you a call center solution located in India? Do you handle clients overseas? If you were asked to rate your current communication tools, especially the call center solution phone – how much would you give out of 10? And, be honest. It would be probably somewhere between 1 to 3, right? Do you think that you are at par with your competitors? If you don’t agree, then it’s time for a change! VoIP Minutes for Call Center Solutions can turn the tides in your favor. Why need VoIP Minutes for Call Center Solutions? Well to know that you need to scroll down.

In the age of the Internet, having a phone system in your call center that is decades old might not work in your favor. Upgrading your current phone system with VoIP Minutes for Call Center Solutions can certainly help. The first thing you should do now is, contact the best VoIP Providers in India.

In corona time, What Your call center needs the most – It’s flexible & tools that allow you to make collaborative communication.

2020 has been the battle of survival for existence for many call centers all around the globe. From startup & mid-sized organizations to large enterprises, everyone is experiencing a seismic shift. The pandemic has made working from home the new norm, forcing industries of every walk to rethink their approach to work.

Amid the rise of Covid-19 cases, where lockdown & shutdown are in force, communicating with the clients, stakeholders or even other departments could no longer be done with office phones as they are available in the office premises only. And, commuting to the call center to attend business calls or conferences, especially in this situation would double the risk of contamination. It would put an extra burden on teams that were already managing a lot.

Luckily there is an Advanced Communication Technology that can help.

With Unlimited VoIP Minutes for Call Center Solutions, you can save a ton on your monthly phone bills, and coming to its amazing features, you are not limited to your workstation only, rather you can choose the devices of your own, and can re-route calls to other people as well. All you need is a piece of software!

VoIP lays the foundation for omnichannel communication by introducing next-gen technologies that help your call center make the best out of your investment, by driving more revenue & providing much-improved customer support. The technology brings voice, video, messaging, call recording, AI, web, apps all together to deliver quick, result-oriented customer service at a reduced cost.

VoIP empowers call centers to adopt the new norm in the true sense, making remote working and work from home easy & more productive. The best thing is, your employees can get access to real-time data and client details like they do in the office.

Unlocking the power of VoIP Minutes + Cloud Combined for your Call Center Solution:

In the digital age, cloud technology has become a must for businesses of all sizes to streamline their communication process. 

From sharing client data and assigning projects to teams, to advanced client and customer management software, the cloud gives you a highly secure, unified platform that empowers you to achieve your business goals through the right channels.


VoIP Minutes + Cloud – What does it mean to your Call Center Solution?


With almost every, IT and business communications system going cloud, having a Cloud-based VoIP Solution in place will pay in your best interest. By doing so, you are not only improving the network security and potency of your business communication – you also unlock the doors for new opportunities.

VoIP Service isn’t just about replacing your old phone. It’s all about giving your business a fair chance to grow, by opening up new windows for effective communication, particularly in a time where change is the new constant. Whether your company is in the midst of a resource crisis, shifting to a more feasible work-from-home setting, or exploring new options for a systemic and secure return to normal working conditions, having VoIP at the heart of your communication system will give you the required boost. 

The bottom line is – In this highly competitive digital world, you can’t fight the odds without sustainable telecalling technology. Most of the call center solutions have already tested the success by providing a great user experience to their customers with Free VoIP Minutes. So, why haven’t you capitalized on this technology yet? If not, then this is the best time to do it. With so many benefits, not having VoIP Minutes in your system would be sounding foolish.

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