Looking for an innovative way to empower sales teams? Have come across the Predictive Dialer? If not yet, you must be missing out on some of its measure advantages? We all know that sales are the key to the growth of a company but providing excellent customer service is key to get sales and retain the existing ones. And when it comes to timely delivering great online customer support and achieving sales targets, time management is the most important deciding factor. So always remember that in this competitive marketing landscape, predictive dialer has become the basic need for most businesses. 

However, choosing the right kind of dialer is very essential for productivity and meeting sales goals. Gone are the days when agents used manual dialing machines to punch in the numbers and call the customers. This system of dialing calls was not only time-consuming but also very unpredictable in the sense that most of the calls usually landed up in the answering machine, or few numbers would be unavailable. 

What do you mean by a Predictive Dialer? How does it function?

A predictive dialer is an intelligent outbound calling system that uses computer algorithms to make calls. It works by dialing numbers a few seconds before an agent has ended an ongoing call so that the agent can be on the next call without any downtime. The most notable point about this dialer is that it uses efficient statistical algorithms to predict the duration for which the agent will be on call and when to make the next call. A VTS predictive dialer empowers the business as it places calls at optimized times while filtering out anomalies like answering machines, busy networks, and disconnected calls.

Why Predictive Dialers Are Important In Sales?

With a VTS dialer, businesses can improve the dialing rates as the dialer effectively handles an enormous amount of leads at once.

Let’s look at the reasons for using the predictive dialer to boost the sales of an organization:

  •  Efficient Lead Management:  
  • Managing the leads effectively is one highly daunting yet crucial task. Predictive dialers can integrate lead management software that –
  • Accelerates lead response
  • Optimize sales practices
  • Organize sales data in the CRM
  • Organize customer history, calls history, and all call-related data

This software determines the most appropriate number for calling the customers, filters out the “do not disturb” numbers. All data related to call activity is stored in the CRM for effective lead management.

  • Assign Calls to Available Agents: VTS Dialer intelligently assigns the calls to the available agents. It works on a statistical algorithm that starts dialing the subsequent number before the agent finishing his previous call.

This method ensures that –

  • There is no downtime (that is the time during which a machine or system is out of action)
  • All agents get equal opportunity to handle calls without any bias
  • Agents can conveniently switch between inbound and outbound calls
  • Agents get information about the best time to call and get data about the current call 
  1. Reduce Operational Costs: A VTS dialer reduces the operational costs of business while simultaneously increases the sales of the organization. This reduction is possible due to the lesser number of outbound calls placed on the voice channels.

One significant advantage of predictive dialers is that it rules out the requirement of installing an expensive PBX setup or the need of an operator who manually maintains the call logs.

Also, the predictive dialer ensures that –

  • Offers monthly or annual pricing options
  • Call abandonment rates are reduced

This means that a predictive dialer can deliver a high Return on Investment(ROI) with substantial profit to any organization or business.

  1. Increase Agent Productivity: A predictive VTS dialing solution helps to improve the efficiency of the agents working in a team. It creates a healthy work relationship between the agents and the administration. 

Dialers enhance agent efficiency by –

  • Eliminate the need to manually dialing the customer numbers
  • Determine the optimum time to call and predict when a current call will end
  • Enable the working of dialer and automated call distribution system  to assign calls
  • Reduce agent’s wait time or idle time to ensure maximum productivity

Thus, a predictive dialer significantly increases the productivity of the agents and creates a balanced working atmosphere in a company or a business.

  1. Connect with a Large Number of Customers in Less Time: Predictive dialer service has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers. The intelligent outbound call processing system of the VTS dialer helps in efficiently outreaching a large customer base. Predictive dialer solutions accelerate the contact ratio and increase the agent talk time by up to 300%. The dialer delivers the maximum number of live cells to the agents, thereby allowing the agents to handle the best possible calls.

With this dialer, the sales reps can call multiple numbers at one go. This feature of the predictive dialer also reduces the waiting time of the agents to get connected with the prospects.

Thus, a predictive dialer enables connecting with a large customer base by –

  • Save agents’ wait time which can be further utilized to dial more numbers
  • Grab the right opportunities by dialing only those numbers that are of potential benefit to the business
  • Respond to the high priority leads faster and establish customer relations.

Know if the Predictive Dialer you are using is a sales complaint!

With the growing business demands and customer expectations, it has become imperative to empower your business with the right calling software. A hosted predictive dialer can, therefore, boost the efficiency of the business, increase sales as well as drive customer satisfaction. To summarize, from the sales point of view, a predictive dialer is the ideal solution to boost productivity and give the best ROI.

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