Have you heard about a Dialer? And, why does a call center solution need a Dialer? Well, the answer is very obvious! Dialer – Being an amazing application it’s solely responsible for dialing up the customers contact numbers which are arranged in a que. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, the companies of all the sizes have welcomed the Predictive Dialer with all their open arms. And when it comes to Predictive Dialer, most of the calling organizations have adapted it because of its multiple calling features at once. Apart from saving the time and making multiple calls, Predictive Dialer comes with a lot of benefits in comparison to an Auto Dialer which simplifies an agent’s work load and eases the job. 

Now with the advanced technology, many call centers and other organizations have switched over some other advanced options for smooth connectivity with their customers. So always remember that, choosing the right call center solution is a prime decision. Most of the organizations are using various Predictive Dialers such as the VTS Dialer by VoIPTech Solutions is an amazing platform that helps dialing the contacts and manages their customer database more efficiently.

Businesses Needing An Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer:

 Nowadays, generating new and productive leads is not so easy a task for most of the businesses. However, incorporating the right dialer ensures that the companies establish better relationships with their customers. There are many dialers that can make the best use of customer data along with the efficient connectivity, but the cloud-based dialers like the auto dialers and the predictive dialers are the most important one to choose from. 

Managing call center representatives daily work pressure by distributing the connected calls among the available representatives is the sole responsibility of an Auto Dialer. But at the same time, the predictive dialer can connect to multiple contacts at once by ensuring the maximum reach to the customer. However, the overall productivity of the call centers totally depends on the advanced call center dialer

Auto Dialer –

Auto Dialer – Being an automatic dialer it dials the telephone numbers, plays the already recorded messages and helps in connecting the customers call to a call center representative. And after that the representatives can upload the list of leads and start the campaign. Then the auto dialer will start dialing the contacts sequentially. If the call goes answered, the representative gets an option of dropping the saved voicemail. And the best usage is? An auto dialer is the best option for a small team or the team working remotely. Last but not the least, a cloud-based auto dialer has proved to be a great help when the call centers fail to operate efficiently and are not able to think of an alternative.  

Predictive Dialer –

Predictive Dialer: It is an amazing automatic dialer that works effortlessly on statistical algorithms and machine learning. Having the unique feature of dialing the contacts at once sets it apart from the other distinctive dialers. Before the end of the previous call by the agent, the dialer starts dialing automatically. That means it is the most effective time saving application and the representatives can reach maximum number of potential customers.   

Apart from that, integrating with the most powerful business applications and web services, the predictive dialer is related to customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, support ticket system tools and many more. Ultimately it gives an amazing edge over other dialers. 

However, the Predictive Dialers are very essentials for call center management. It makes an amazing contact between the clients and the available representatives. That is the only reason for its complex algorithm. 

An Ideal Use Case – Auto Dialer:

An auto dialer is suitable for –

  • The agents who are working remotely, an auto dialer is a complete solution for call centers
  • To provide personalized assistance to the customer, a small team of representatives is preferred. 
  • Integration of CRM software helps the representatives a lot in saving all the necessary client data and information for future assistance. 
  • For increased sales, small, and medium sized businesses are preferred. Helps in connecting maximum customers as well. 

An Ideal Use Case – Predictive Dialer:

A predictive dialer is suitable for-

  • Predictive dialer is used for making big sales, support teams and enterprises for establishing great customer relationships.
  • With large call volumes, companies need to carry out outbound sales campaigns. 
  • Various industries need to make calls on a regular basis like the Insurance sector, Real estate sector, Banking sector and many more. 

However, you can say that if you are running a call center, incorporating a predictive dialer is a must. Because it helps in enhancing the overall productivity. And with the help of a predictive dialer, the valuable time of the customers along with the call centers are given ample value. Nowadays your customers are looking for the best services in the least invested time period. However, in that case predictive dialer stands out the best in comparison to auto dialer in all aspects. 

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