What exactly is an Autodialer? Do you have any idea? Well, auto-dialers are a kind of advanced version software that is otherwise known as predictive dialers. Dialers come in different forms and perform a variety of tasks based on the requirements – in general as the name suggests, they automatically dial the contacts in the list. Auto dialers prove to be very handy when it comes to the essence in dialing or put simply when you don’t have enough manpower in place to dial them individually.

Auto dialers are loaded with advanced features that eventually help increase the probability of a caller, reaching people instead of ending up in their voicemail. Also, when it comes to dialing the newly added contacts, it can correctly predict the availability of call center agents based on call analytics. It can be a great tool for your sales team as well, especially the healthcare and hospitality industry, and other emergency service providers can take the advantage of auto dealers. VTS Dialer can function with any smart computing device or through PBX systems that use SIP trunks.

In order to get auto-dialers to function properly, you must have the following things; a computer to run the software, a live agent to answer the calls, a voice modem, and an active telephone line. The job of a voice modem is to play recorded audio over the telephone. However, that’s not the case with a VoIP phone system in place – no equipment is required.

How Do Auto Dialers Work?

The standard desktop computers in general have two to four internal modem cards; but as a contact center solution, you need more modems to make multiple calls simultaneously. The job of the software is to tell the computer the contacts to be dialed, and the procedure to follow if it gets a busy tone, a voicemail, or when a human is on the other side. Before connecting to a number, the auto-dialing software must list out the numbers to be dialed & the duration of the calls.


Gone are the days of the war dialing process, when auto dialers used to choose random numbers with every possible combination & dial them. With the rapid advancement in technology, things have gone past beyond imagination. The current generation Auto dialers carefully select the leads from the database and dial accordingly. The best part is, most of the dialed contacts are responded up by live human beings in the first 25 seconds itself. If the call gets no answer within 25 seconds, then the dialer forwards a message to the voicemail. When you get a busy signal, the call automatically drops.

Some of the advanced version Auto dialers come with built-in voice detection software. It can easily recognize the voice of a live agent & voice mailbox. An auto dialer intelligently routes the calls to the agent available on the desk or to a pre-recorded message, depending on the nature of the call. If no one is active on the desk, it will by default play a pre-recorded message and even can put the caller on hold.

Powered by AI & machine learning (ML), the software compiles real-time data by examining callers’ behavior, the nature of the call, call duration, and other much-needed information. Taking clues from the data, the auto-dialer calls the next contact in the list before the agent has even hung up the phone. It’s highly recommended for high-volume call centers that need more calling options so that the agents can immediately connect with another caller.

How Many Types of Auto Dialer Available in the Market?

  • Predictive Dialer: It saves time. Money, & resources, by dialing only those numbers that can be successfully reached. If it finds Voicemail, busy signals, and anything else that indicates unsuccessful attempts, the call is terminated automatically.
  • Preview Dialer: The agents were provided with necessary information about the caller prior to establishing a connection. It helps agents’ in decision-making whether to proceed with the call or not.
  • Progressive Dialer​: Issuing particular numbers to the agents at a time during the calling process – in a situation where you need information but only have a few seconds to react.
  • Voice Broadcasting: Delivering pre-set messages to the voicemails of a group of people or individuals based on locations. If not delivered or finding it difficult to connect with the end-user, it will reschedule the message at a different time, ensuring a smooth delivery.
  • Smart Predictive Dialer: It dials numbers’, plays pre-set messages and prompts, and routes call to the live agents at callers’ request. 

The Bottom Line is:

In this highly competitive digital world, you can’t fight the odds without having auto dialer software that can actually deliver for your business. Most of the modern business phone services have already tested their success by providing a great user experience to their customers. So, why haven’t you capitalized on this technology yet? If not, then this is the best time to do it. 

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