IP PBX System: An Ultimate Solution for 24*7 Tele Calling Centers!

IP PBX System: An Ultimate Solution for 24*7 Tele Calling Centers!

Wondering for an affordable and useful telecommunication solution for your business? If it’s YES! Then you can look ahead with an IP PBX system solution. When it comes to any innovative features and functions just like choosing an IP PBX system solution , every organization needs the best choice. So if you are looking for the advanced IP PBX system solution for your business, you should always focus on the best features before finalizing which is definitely a profitable go. 

Earlier the PBX system had one major drawback in communication technology i.e Internet. But now with the advanced features, IP PBX system utilizes the internet to carry out communication. It works great while handling the communications over the Internet only by using a fixed IP address or SIP address by having an active Internet connection with adequate bandwidth. 

Various advantages of IP PBX System:

Whether the caller is having an Internet connection or not, it does not matter. Because everything can be handled, if the call is being directed to the local IP PBX server through a public switched telephone network. 

Here is the list of some the advantages of using IP PBX system:

  • Moving, replacing and rerouting calls over the Internet is very easy.
  • Integration and management with the system is very simple.
  • A local IP PBX server serves an unlimited extension terminal.
  • A single IP PBX server can help connect thousands of calls in one building. 
  • Have amazing computer assistant features like call forwarding, call cascading, call queuing, voice-to-email, smart extension, audio transcription and many more.
  • It’s completely programmable.

IP PBX System – Complete Communication

To boost up the customer base, the systems are configured with quality specifications. And the amazing features of the auto attendant of the phone systems handles all the incoming calls very professionally. Through interactive voice messages, callers are addressed with interesting greeting messages. And without any holdup, the employee allows the callers to reach the extensions and any individuals through the systems menu with dial by addition, dial by name and zero.  

Manages Call Anywhere, Anytime:

By sitting anywhere in the globe, IP PBX systems for any organizations help their users to handle the communication smoothly. If right extensions are missing for the caller, then the call will get forwarded to the landline or any other personal numbers. However, for smooth delivery of the messages to the callers, there are many features which include Fax to email, follow me, call forwarding, personal voicemail, caller ID, call conferencing, Voicemail and many more. And a single cost,, all the nationwide and overseas outbound calls can be answered only through the featured IP PBX system which decreases the cost of the telecom as well. 

However, through a present telephone connection all the different extensions can be preserved by allowing the expansion of the business. 

Why Switching to IP PBX

Now-a-days, every organization is discarding the use of traditional phone systems, and adapting IP PBX systems to get benefited from it’s various distinctive features. Below are few reasons for switching to IP PBX system:

  • Easy to manage: Being used as a software, IP PBX can be managed easily through a web-based interface for it’s configuration. And the users generally handle most of the management procedures  which is no doubt very easy to learn. And the best apart is? Now get rid of the IT technicians by avoiding the use of wired and complicated interfaces. 
  • No Wiring: Usually when you want to share with nearby computers, IP PBX allows phone systems to connect directly to computer ports. And the use of telephone lines has reduced completely as the software phones are used with the computers. Apart from that addition or movement of extensions becomes easier only by eliminating telephone wiring. Which makes relocations of offices easier, by removing the telephone wires .  
  • Easy SetUp: Anyone having a little knowledge can easily handle the setup. It works as a software on any computer. With high processing  and easy interfacing is nowadays a piece of cake. Unlike a traditional wired PBX, they do not need professionals to set up.  
  • Highly Cost Effective: If you are looking for a cost effective system, then never hesitate to choose IP PBX. With integrated VoIP services, it amazingly cut down the Local as well as International calls by great margins which also saves the monthly bills. However, if an organization wants their employees to connect easily and smoothly among themselves as well as with their branch mates, then IP PBX system is the right choice. Apart from that, these VoIP phones include voice mail, ring groups, auto attendant, advanced reporting and many more.  
  • Higher Productivity: While choosing an IP PBX system, always keep in mind that it’s not your basic telephone for phone calls, it is the connectivity solution that has the full power of the internet back up behind it. And it can easily be integrated with business applications. With extra features, it not only boosts customer services but also productivity. 
  • Employee Friendly: Everyone likes advanced features on the phone. Isn’t it? But sometimes it’s very confusing for some new employees. When we are setting up a conference call or transferring a call to some other extension, it requires detailed instructions while using traditional PBX. However, the IP PBX system makes it easier on the other hand. It makes your task easier by having a simple and user-friendly GUI. With ease of accessibility, users can view the detailed status of other extensions, inbound calls, the calling queues and many other factors.   

So now IP PBX system is the common practice for most of the organizations. If you are looking for some impressive savings in management, maintenance as well as calling. IP PBX system is the ultimate for your telecommunication solution. 

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