We must have heard of the latest technological advancements in the recent past, right? Did you know how effective they were? Well, thanks to the pandemic that made everything go remote & virtual, and we eventually end up actually using these technologies. Everything is not normal as it was before the surge of Covid-19 cases, and educational institutions aren’t an exception. Remote or virtual learning has become the new norm for people all around the globe. Again thanks to cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems & VoIP Service Providers for their help to make this sudden transition a bit easier. How VoIP Phone Systems made the learning process easier?

In addition to quick and easy setup, VoIP service providers in India also offer an array of advanced features like Video Conferencing, free VoIP Minutes, HD quality calling to name a few that highly benefit schools & colleges, making remote learning a pleasant process. With technology going to receive new updates, you can expect more features in the near future which can make things even better. This greater manageability of communications between the educational institutions and students has made everyone realize the importance of having high-end technologies.  

You can ensure faster, more efficient, and versatile communications without spending a ton. The powerful tools help educational institutes and the whole system to keep pace with modern-day education requirements and meet the growing expectations & demands of today’s tech-savvy students, parents, and all the stakeholders of this educational universe. Here are the amazing features of cloud-based VoIP Phones that can benefit your educational institute the most.

Let’s have a look:

  • Fast & Secure Online Faxing: With this feature, people can instantly fax scanned paper documents or digitally created documents via the internet in the format of their choice. You don’t need a fax machine to do the same. The online faxing platform is highly secure and fast. You can send large files or documents of more than 100 pages to individuals or groups of people in a matter of a few seconds. You can sign, receive or send faxed documents digitally and fax from your mobile from any corner of the world with privacy protection.
  • HD Video Conferencing: This feature lets teachers, students, parents, & coordinators meet irrespective of their location. HD quality video & audio systems, ensure more life-like experiences in lessons, seminars, tutorials, presentations, one-to-one doubt clearing sessions, and other featured teaching events. No on-premise hardware required and no installation fee. You can use desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets for the same, eliminating the travel time and the cost around, You can also record the sessions and use it later for a better understanding of a subject.
  • Unique Features of Digital Whiteboard: Modern Day whiteboards are pretty much similar to the traditional dry-erase boards which we are familiar with all of us, but with a big difference. They are equipped with high-tech features that allow more interactive and effective learning. 

The computer software program-powered whiteboards are operated by a touchpad and you can see the rest on the projector screen. They have different slides that make learning and understanding easier than ever. You can write, cut, copy, move and save according to your learning needs, which wasn’t possible earlier. They support a variety of applications specially designed for the learning purpose and spot on the specific areas for better understanding. And, the best thing is students can interact with content instead of just reading lecture notes. It certainly raises the bar of education and quality of learning.

  • Intelligent Call Routing System: All the setup will be done by your VoIP Service Provider that is absolutely free of cost and no on-premise hardware required. With VoIP phone systems, educational institutions can route the calls to the concerned department or the right people, putting an end to those long waiting and call charges. With VoIP Minutes, they can save a ton on their monthly phone bills. 

Callers are directed to the faculties and other staff with automated menus that help them resolve issues by themselves or request a call back for further assistance.

  • Automatic Call Distribution: With this feature, you can always connect to the right person at one go instead of ending up dialing the available contacts on the list.

The auto-attendant (IVR) directs the call to the concerned people. It also shows you the caller’s location, local time, language, and the nature of the query, so that you can be better prepared for the same. You can improve your response time, reduce the overflow queues, and save resources.

  • Smart Conference Bridging: This feature allows the maximum number of participants over a phone call which wasn’t the case with conventional phones. Hundreds of participants can connect to each other over a single call, all at the same time. A person doesn’t need to travel to the institutions in order to attend a scheduled meeting. Timely and effective interaction among the right leads to the success of any educational institution. No setup required and students, parents, faculties, staff can connect to each other from the comfort of their home. Isn’t that great?
  • Easy Voicemail-to-Email: If your job or work schedule doesn’t spare much time to be on campus, then this feature of a VoIP phone system is the ideal way to achieve your end goals. It automatically routes the messages directly to your mobile phone or other smart devices of your choice. So, that you never miss an important call or update, even if you are in a meeting (you can check it silently). It works with your organization’s existing phone systems and delivers accurate transcription and translations. 

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems are the ideal way to bring down your communication cost to almost half while ensuring a better standard of remote education is maintained 24/7. The pandemic won’t last long, but you can still maintain that ease over your competitors with the advanced features of these systems.

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