Have you ever thought about IVR along with amazing customer service in your call center solution? And how could an IVR bring a great change to your customer service experience in the future? Well, YES! Because IVR is the only technology that makes sure that callers can navigate to the right team through nothing more than a series of keypad presses. Apart from that, your business gets a phone number that you can share with the customers so that they can connect with you as and when they want only with the installation of the IVR System

Always remember that when you have an IVR system in your call center solution, you get a phone number that can be used for pre-recorded messages to the customers along with delivering automated ones. However, it also serves as an effective marketing means for your contact center, just being a smart communication tool. 

What can businesses do with an IVR system?

  • With voice prompts automate the customer identification process
  • Why customers are calling to speed up service, just predict
  • During wait time Collect important information from the customer
  • Based on value prioritize the calls
  • Personalize prompts and messages
  • Surges efficiently and handles high call volume 
  • For their issue ensure customers are routed to the best agent 
  • To improve future service track issues and report customer
  • Including staffing reduce overhead costs

With small and mid-sized businesses whose goal is to avoid costly and unwieldy infrastructure, cloud-based IVR systems are flexible to implement. Imagine the delight of approaching a support call with pleasure instead of dread because a thoughtfully deployed IVR is a confidence builder for customers. 

However, to make agents and customer lives easier and simpler cloud-based tools are also constantly evolving. And IVR systems mainly play a pivotal role because the scope for scalability and innovation is much less. 

Below are the key areas through which you can evolve your Interactive Voice Response:

Application-Programming Interface (API) Based Interaction:

For your business, undoubtedly customers are the best ambassadors. However, they are always looking for ways to maximize ROI and are likely to rely heavily on support being an extensive user of your product. And the IVR systems add flexibility by supporting application programming interfaces which enables integration with other applications as this is a critical dependency. To intelligently route your customers and provide greater personalization the integrations unlock a host of ways for your IVR which ultimately hold a promise of contextual awareness that will elevate your customer experience.

Information Extensions:

In endless variety customer issues usually present themselves. The ones that don’t necessarily require an agent to tackle, like your account balance, can be tackled with an automated response which is the most common customer problem With an IVR system in your call center. Apart from that if customer problems are unique, then agents can be ready to address them immediately. By providing self-service options customers can be routed in tighter, more efficient systems that improve response times and customer satisfaction with some more information extensions.   

Improved User Interface:

Never forget the mantra for the future is “less is always more” which is the ultimate one in the world of customer service experience. It is very essential to manage the process to keep menu options to a minimum, avoid marketing messages, and above all minimize wait times despite the self-serve nature of phone support. To make sure the process is not losing your customers go for a test and retest the IVR experience which is quite critical. 

Business Value and Impact:

The significant benefit for businesses is having the right IVR System in your call center. You can adjust your messaging and hone your responses with the ability to track the campaigns that are driving the conversations. To bring valuable insights that are bound to fuel customer acquisition, target the right prospects, support sales efforts, and improve revenue strategies conduct customer surveys and track marketing and sales activities. 

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