With the growing demand for 24/7 customer support, having a contact center has become a must for any business that wants to compete and sustain at the highest level. But, the question here is, can I start a contact center? If yes, then how? No matter the size, starting a contact center can be an overwhelming task. As you need to keep certain parameters in check – budget, location, and resources. If everything goes according to the plan and working fine, then the possibility of providing a great customer experience 24/7 can be a reality. But acheivginall at a time can be a roller-coaster ride. Are you looking for the most convincing way to start a small contact center? Well, with CCaaS it can be done in hours!

What do you mean by CCaaS? 

Cloud-based VoIP services have given new dimensions to the way industries used to function and small contact centers are not an exception. The full form of CCaaS is Contact Center as a Service. CCaaS includes most of the core functionalities of a large volume contact center like call routing, IVR systems, outbound calling, and integration of CRM software that is delivered over the cloud. 

Earlier, businesses had to purchase particular software or to buy a license to use the particular version of the software and pay additional charges for further upgrades. Well, it used to cost a ton to the companies for purchase, use, and maintenance. However, CCaaS has completely changed the system. These days organizations don’t have to download or require any installation to use the software. Employees simply need to log in through their web browser and the software is available online for use. The best thing about this is, it has made remote working possible during this pandemic specifically.

What makes CCaaS an ideal choice for small call centers?

You can simply pick the location of your choice, purchase a call center software, and do the necessary setup to make a contact center operational. The process takes a lot of time, energy, and money as well. So, small-scale businesses looked for an alternative that would not be necessarily that expensive to set up or maintain. CCaaS came as an ideal alternative.

CCaaS comes with a number of benefits including but not limited to:

  • It’s very economical as compared to the traditional small contact centers
  • The whole setup can be done in a few hours, where traditional contact centers take weeks instead
  • Allows remote working, one can work from any corner of the world 
  • It helps break the traditional geographical boundaries, allowing companies to hire the best brains in the business
  • Staying ahead of the contemporaries
  • Giving a great customer experience 24/7

The features you avail with CCaaS Contact Center:

Before you start, the very first thing you should take into consideration is what’s on offer. Especially the features you are getting and what are your business needs. Listed below are the features that you avail:

  • Automatic Call Distribution: When it comes to CCaaS call centers, it is a must-have feature. With this feature, you can easily route the incoming calls to the right people, concerned department, or reach the voicemail. Its queuing feature allows you to distribute calls to the live agents, having expertise in specific areas or possessing different skill sets.
  • Data analytics: CCaaS comes with a number of advanced tools that you can use for the data analysis process. You can keep track of the average call time, hold times, call queues, abandoned calls, and other things. This eventually helps you grow as an organization with key performance indicators. 
  • CRM integration: You can integrate high-end CRM software. By doing this, you ensure a steady workflow is maintained and everything works together seamlessly. 
  • IVR System: The IVR system is an inevitable part of any small contact center. With businesses dealing with multiple products and services that indeed need technical assistance, IVR is a must. It connects the callers with the right person concerning the department without killing their valuable time. It can also put them on specific queues so that your agents get to know what they are looking for even before picking up the call. 
  • Training tools: You can train your agents with the training tools available with CCaaS. Tools like warm call transfer, whisper, barge, to name a few you can train the newbies or make them familiar with the call center world with information and technology.
  • Call recording: You can record conversations and use them later for training & analysis purposes. 
  • Multi-channel support: Even though voice calling for customer support remains the most popular choice among the callers, integrating other communication channels can pay the best interest of a business. Customers love to get support through multiple channels 24×7. So, providing multi-channel support would be a wise move, before your competitors get the advantage of this technology.
  • The advantage of going cloud: You don’t need to rent a physical office space or set up a room to get started with the CCaaS, as it’s all about cloud technology. Your agents can work from the comfort of their homes or on the go. So, you can save big on office expenses.

I hope, you have understood how CCaaS saves a ton when it comes to setting up a contact center, especially for small-scale businesses. You don’t need a huge budget, dedicated IT/Networking staff, or on-premise hardware to get started with your small contact center. So what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest VoIP service providers and write your own success story. With the rate of progress, the present organizations confront, joining with the need to control costs and convey dependable customer services with your own call center could be the most effortless choice you’ll make.

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