Are you a growing industry or call center solution looking to incorporate the latest business communication trends? In this digital age, with every day new technologies knocking at the door, communication has become volatile, as people are looking to explore different channels to communicate. It has become a new trend. And, the reason is obvious. It’s up to a person what he/she likes or the medium they choose to make communication! Thus, call center solutions to need to stay updated with the recent happenings to make the best out of the customer communication, which is not the case if they still prefer to stick to the older, outdated systems. 

So, what are these Business Communication Trends? Who can tell you the trends to watch out for? VoIPTech Solutions is the best source for you. We continuously work towards serving the growing needs of modern-day customers and keep a close watch on the latest communication trends to help improve your business communication. According to recent studies, here are the six business communication trends to watch out for 2021 & beyond:

  • IP Messaging becoming the new marketing “email”- very soon: With the immense popularity of instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and growing demand due to their ease of use, IP messaging has become a must for businesses of all sizes. It’s a great marketing tool as well. So, it is a double bonanza for you as a business, who is looking for a cost-effective medium to establish communication with the end-users. It’s the economical & quintessential benefit of IP messaging that is attracting more & more businesses to include the medium as their main communication backup.

In a year or two, you can expect categorization, chatbots, and location-based intelligence to pull up more crowds. As smartphones are about to support local language input and people leaning more towards instant messaging apps, IP messaging for business communication is going to become the new norm. Be it a startup or an enterprise, you will see IP messaging replacing email conversations on most occasions.

  • Integration of Voice AI for more endurance: Artificial Intelligence is going to be the force to reckon for businesses of all kinds & sizes in some way or the other. If you talk about customer communication, in particular, you will come across a wide array of AI applications, from chatbots and emotion detection to predictive dialing to name a few AI is everywhere. With customer data has become the new money, call recordings and speech-to-text conversion is going to play a key role, making accurate predictions. Technology is here to stay and will continue to evolve with each passing day.

With the recent advancement in voice AI, high-end applications like voice fingerprinting shoot up are going to take customer communication to the next level. This technology would be intelligent enough to understand various languages (with further upgrades in the near future) and cheaper than an agent. And, for a growing economy like India, which is home to 1.3 billion people in the world, over thousands of languages are being spoken, AI is a necessity.

  • Unified Business Communication Channel: A great customer experience 24/7 with a personalized touch holds the key to business success, and you may not be an exception. Since your sales, and customer support teams interact with the customers on a regular basis, the outcome contributes to improving the CX.

Hence, businesses are exploring innovative ways to empower their live agents to deliver a more personalized & improve their query solving ability. And, the best way to do so is by unifying the communication. It puts an end to the context-switching and allows agents to perform with more enthusiasm, energy, and capability by creating an easy-to-access, a single-window communication platform, which was not the case earlier. You can expect this trend to evolve in the coming time.

Above all, VoIP service providers are also changing the way businesses were positioned earlier. Contact center solutions will continue to improve and turn out to be providing a great customer experience and you can expect better user engagement as well. Indian VoIP Service Providers support all channels of business communication – video calling, HD voice calling, messaging, chat, etc., to make it easier by providing a single window for communication.

  • Cloud migration will be on the rise: 2020 is the best example of cloud migration. With remote working has become the new norm due to pandemics, moving to cloud technology is the only way out for its usability, flexibility, and security. You will see the concept of desk phones being replaced by click-to-call buttons and emerging new mobile apps to offer more flexibility to the agents. The lockdown has made businesses understand the importance of the cloud, its ease of use, and other prolonged future benefits that they can leverage by integrating cloud telephony in their organization.
  • Video will play a larger role in contact center communication: In recent times, customer interaction has definitely gone by miles and you can expect more innovation in the near future as well. With the availability of high-speed internet connection and affordable plans, video calling has become the new talk. Witnessing the advantages, some of the growing businesses have already integrated video as a part of their contact centers and others are going to follow the same path. This is definitely a plus to any organization for confirming video KYC, online services for DIY, installation tips, etc.

If you talk about video, in particular, you couldn’t have found a more direct and personal way to communicate with others – it’s an ideal way to have fruitful communication and you can expect a satisfying end result. Especially in a situation like this, when you are restricted in everything, businesses can take advantage of video in every possible way. The integration of video chat for business communication is gaining momentum slowly but surely to hit the bullseye in the coming years.

  • Integrations will thrive in emerging markets: Keeping track of the emerging trends and walking hand-in-hand with the recent changes is a must for any business, and it is only possible with unified communications, and software integrations. The Covid-19 outbreak has made almost every business realize this fact and how important it is to have an integrated set of business tools that talk to communicate with each other. By doing this, you can make sure the highest degree of data privacy is maintained and there is no data loss.

You can easily integrate advanced tools like CRM, Helpdesk software, and cloud telephony, using a single user interface – isn’t that great? You can expect a bigger role from the customizable UI components and APIs in near future.

If you are a contact center solution or any business, is looking for a marketing channel to connect with the customers, it may be worth searching for the best VoIP Service Provider that can integrate the most advanced Cloud Telephony system for your business. With the rate of progress, the present organizations confront, joining with the need to control costs and convey dependable customer services with advanced software could be the most effortless choice you’ll make.

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