No matter how fast the communication scenarios are changing or what kind of call center technology businesses are adapting, speaking over the phone to a live agent will always remain the most important part of customer support. Call center software plays a key role in the effective management of all the inbound and outbound calls that your business takes & makes day-to-day. Call center technology is a must to improve the efficiency of your support teams and increase profit share.

Business modules & strategies vary from organization to organization, so do their needs & requirements, & Call center tools may not fit for all. Your support team has its own unique needs and priorities — so the software tool you choose must have those features that can facilitate your teams to achieve the target & set new standards.

Below listed are a set of advanced call center technologies that can take your business to new heights and the platforms that would make the best out of them:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response): IVR can certainly raise the bar of your customer service by guiding your callers through an automated system menu. Based on their queries, the IVR system helps callers get to speak to the right person or concerned department through call routing so that their queries can be solved without wasting valuable time. This tool empowers you to manage your contact center solution with improved efficiency & better response time, and VoIPTech Solutions IVR service will definitely help take your customer support to the next level.

You can set your own customized call flow, keeping your business operational hours in mind. The best part is, it allows users to create complex call flows without any hassle and take advantage of multi-level IVR systems. Modern-day contact centers need it the most because of their quick problem-solving capability and potentiality to address even more complex queries with ease. With the help of this tool, basic customer queries to be solved without human interaction. Thus saving your agents valuable time, making them more efficient, and contributing big to the overall revenue.

  • Predictive Dialer: Well, when it comes to outbound call centers, a predictive dialer proved to be an asset for sure. A VTS Dialer dials to a list of selected phone numbers at a time and passes the connected ones to the live agent for further communication. This way, it helps increase the productivity of your agents by 300%.
  • A VTS dialer makes use of Artificial Intelligence & machine learning combined for quick prediction of the probability of customers’ answering calls, along with the availability of agents on the desk. With real-time data, it makes adjustments to the dialing rate. The dialer leaves a pre-recorded message, once it reaches a customer’s voicemail, and automatically dials the next number on the list, using the predictive dialing feature. The best part is, it dials the leads’ only when your contact center agents are available on the desk to take the calls. Predictive dialers save a lot of time from being wasted, doing something productive out of every customer interaction – no more waiting, no long halts.With these ingenious features, the dialers can quickly adapt to the pace of your outbound calling process, empowering the team to always be at the top of their game. 

    Conversational AI: Most of the customers’ interactions over the internet begin with conventional AI, so integrating this software in your contact center solution would be definitely a wise move. The software gives a more human touch to the interactions that generally happen between people and computers. With the help of this tool, you can simplify customers’ queries before it comes to a live agent.

    When it comes to the functionality of IVR, the AI takes it to the next level. With Conventional AI your prompt options are not limited, agents can offer open-ended prompts to customers that is not the case with IVR. It means your customers are not bound to sit through a number of automated menus. 

    Conversational AI plays an important role in enhancing the customer experience to a great extent, as more people get their problems solved right away and no longer waiting time in the queue. Powered by data science & machine learning, the software gradually improves its intelligence with every single interaction with the customer. It better understands their intent with every passing day and is able to address more complex queries with improved precision.

    Integration of conversational AI in your call center technology will be a plus to your call handling capabilities by increasing the volume of inbound calls. VoIPTech Solutions conversational AI offering can help you achieve big. 

    ACD (Automatic Call Distribution): The role of ACD is to intelligently rout the inbound business calls to the concerned person or respective department that can solve the query without any hassle. This quick distribution is done by this business phone system is completely based on certain criteria that are pre-determined, for e.g; call subject matter.  The strengths and specialties vary from person to person, and automatic call distribution does the rest. It distributes the inbound calls to agents based on their strengths, so it becomes easier for them to provide the necessary assistance. Thus eliminating the passing game.

    It has been found that 40% of customers want their queries to be responded faster with the right solutions, and it’s only possible with automatic call distribution. You can opt for VoIPTech Solution’s unique omnichannel solution. Call center agents can view all the interactions made in the past from any channel on its singular interface, saving a big buck for your organization and enhancing the team’s performance by 200%.

  • The Bottom Line: Empower Your Organization with the Right Choice of Call Center TechnologyCall center technology is meant to be a performance booster. With the right strategy in place, you stay sure to take the team’s performance and efficiency to the next level.Are you a call center, looking for VoIP Providers that can equip you with the right kind of call center technology? You couldn’t have a better choice than VoIPTech Solutions. We offer you the most advanced call center technology that is bound to improve your business’s scalability. With us, you get international phone numbers in over 165 countries. Our paid plan starts at $10 per month and goes up to $20 per month.

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