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Landing into the first quarter of 2021, businesses have already understood the importance of communication. You may not be an exception! Different factors contribute to building up a robust, reliable communication system that stands the taste of the time. And, the role of FreeSWITCH Developers definitely will be at the top of the table. Before you jump into the FreeSWITCH Developers, let’s know what a FreeSWITCH is first.


What is FreeSWITCH?


Well, if you define the FreeSWITCH in layman’s terms, it is purely a Software programmed Telecom Stack that allows digital transformation of data packets from the source/provider telecom switches to an operational software application that can operate on any type of hardware. Whether it is a Raspberry PI or there using a server for communications that are of multi-core standard, with FreeSWITCH you can unlock the true potential of your devices, delivering crystal clear, superfast telecommunications. In addition to this, when combined with the hosted cloud-based platforms, they can be easily linked to the outside world, allowing you to scale up business communications to any size.


Coming to its capacity, a FreeSWITCH can efficiently handle the top three pillars of the business communications such as; voice calls, video conferencing, and texting with VoIP and PSTN. The best thing about FreeSWITCH is, it supports all the protocols of VoIP without any hassle, and not to forget its user-friendly interfacing with PRIs as well. 


What are the common uses of FreeSWITCH?


Well, FreeSWITCH is used for:


  • PBX solution
  • Class 5 Softswitch
  • For application servers that include the voicemail to email, conferencing solutions, IVR Menus
  • Softphone


Why is FreeSWITCH installation so crucial?


Depending on the application & server conjunction, businesses need a switch that can pass on inkling call volumes with zero drop rates. And, there comes the FreeSWITCH. Let’s take a look at certain aspects of FreeSWITCH installation and the things you need to consider: 


  • FreeSWITCH Installation: All you need is a FreeSWITCH and then the process will start with the installation. In the market, you will be available with various types of FreeSWITCH packages, but choosing the right one will pay in your best interest.


  • Web Server Use: It’s the next thing to consider. While searching for web servers, you will come across various viable options such as; Nginx and Apache. Better you choose the one that is best from the business requirements point of view.


Are there any limitations to the FreeSWITCH platform?


Coming to the platform’s compatibility, FreeSWITCH has no restrictions. Users have all the liberty to use multiple platforms for FreeSWITCH installation. It supports the most popular platforms like:


  • Window OS
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux OS


It’s always better to hire professional FreeSWITCH Developers to ensure smooth and fast business communications over every channel. With the help of FreeSWITCH Developers, you are no longer limited to inbound and outbound call restrictions and you can live in any country with 99.99% uptime. Above all, staying a step ahead of your competition is always a wise idea and FreeSWITCH is the first step towards better business connectivity. The FreeSWITCH framework ensures much-improved execution for video and audio calling. This way you can bolster for more simultaneous calls contrasted with the partnering careers.


If you are looking for new ways to strengthen your call center communications and ensure zero downtime, then hire FreeSWITCH Developers from VoIPTech Solutions. Our professional developers will assist you to install highly functional FreeSWITCH, ensuring uninterrupted business communications through all the available channels. Our FreeSWITCH framework supports the most common coding languages and applications like JavaScript, C++, Lua, .NET, Python, and Perl. FreeSWITCH is more versatile than its partners because of its secluded outlines. Its cross-stage bolster makes it the best VoIP development platform to build up an adaptable VoIP Solution. If you have any queries that need expert solutions, contact our technical support team at: +91-6746828203.