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Any outbound contact center’s objective has always been the same: to connect representatives with as many eligible customers as is practical while maximizing productive talk time. Dialers are a hot topic in our sector as a global provider of virtual contact centers. When it comes to improving agent productivity, automatic dialers have become extremely essential for any call center that handles outbound or mixed traffic. In contrast, different call centers have varied requirements, and as a result, various types of automatic dialers have been created. Automatic dialers are many types of preview dialers, power dialers, predictive dialers, progressive dialers, etc. here we discuss Progressive dialers and how they work?

What is a Progressive dialer?

With a CRM integration, information about the prospect/current customer appears on the agent’s screen, and the phone number is dialed immediately. When an agent indicates that they are ready for a call, a progressive dialer dials the next customer on a pre-programmed list.


Calls that go directly to voicemail disconnect immediately. Calls that ring continuously with no answer will be disconnected after a predetermined period. As a result, the contact center reduces agent effort while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.


The Progressive dialer, however, is not the only model available for outbound operations. Predictive dialers are becoming more common, particularly in larger organizations. When a customer picks up, these automate outbound calls and route them to a live agent.


These calls are routed to agents based on business objectives, agent availability, and specializations.


Unfortunately, predictive dialers have an ironic element of unpredictability. Because staffing levels and handling times will fluctuate throughout the week, the contact center must adjust the pacing algorithm to ensure that an agent is always available when the customer calls.

How does the Progressive dialer work?

Progressive dialing reduces caller wait time by dialing a number from a call list as soon as an agent becomes available. Progressive dialers, as opposed to predictive dialers, which make multiple calls at once before an agent is available, make calls one after the other and only when an agent is available for a customer to answer.


Although it doesn’t make as many calls as predictive dialing, progressive dialing makes sure that customers don’t answer calls that an agent isn’t prepared to take. This is preferable since it allows for more intimate and beneficial connections between your agents and clients. Progressive dialers also boost agent productivity and connect your agents to more customers than would otherwise be possible, even if they make fewer calls than predictive dialers.

Progressive dialer VS Predictive dialer

Any contact center configuration that intends to boost agent productivity and efficiency must now include automatic dialing phone technologies. Because of this, service providers like VoIPTech provide a variety of auto-dialing options that take the size of your company and your organizational requirements into account. Predictive dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialer options are included in this.

There can be some confusion regarding the similarities between the various automated dialing phone system options, though. This is especially true in contact centers when comparing predictive dialers versus progressive dialers.

To help staff avoid dead ends like answering machines, busy lines, and disconnected numbers, progressive and predictive outbound dialers both search through your contacts database for a live person before allowing the automatic call distribution feature to connect the agent to the call. However, the parallels stop there.

Progressive dialer software aims to strike a balance between automatically dialing phone numbers and agent availability, as opposed to predictive dialers, which aim to reach as many customers as possible as quickly as possible.

Advantages of VoIPTech solutions

The productivity of a business can be greatly impacted by a progressive autodialer. It can automate repetitive processes that needlessly need human labor, like selecting a number from a list and manually dialing it. It is also the least expensive replacement for customer communication procedures. Let’s examine a few benefits of utilizing a business dialer.

  • Agent Efficiency Improvement 

Progressive dialing makes it possible to reach more customers than if an agent dialed each one by hand while also reducing the amount of missed calls and the need to repeatedly try to reach consumers whose numbers are busy or unavailable for various reasons. Because more connections are made successfully than would otherwise be feasible while dialing by hand, this improves agent efficiency.

  • Higher levels of customer engagement

In comparison to other dialers like predictive dialing, progressive dialing offers greater consumer and agent engagement. Since the software used to make these calls is intelligently employed to ensure that it connects the agents soon after the consumer receives the call, creating a smooth contact experience, businesses may give a personal touch with the customers. By doing this, businesses may better engage their customers.

  • Call Rejection

Only when a real human picks up the call does a progressive automatic dialer connect agents. As a result, call abandonment—which occurs when clients hang up after hearing an automated voice or become upset by such calls—is decreased and agent productivity is increased.

  • Progressive Auto Dialer Outgoing

 A business dialer’s outgoing calling feature makes sure that agents are connected to calls only when a real person is on the line, as opposed to an answering machine, a busy signal, or a disconnected error. As a result, less time is lost on unnecessary dialing.

  • Reporting in real-time

Dashboards that are easy to use provide a detailed snapshot of the number of calls made. Call recordings are made available through progressive dialing so that management may keep track of team performance and guarantee that call quality meets consumer expectations. Real-time reporting assists companies in identifying issues and acting quickly to address them. Businesses may easily assess growth and achieve great operational efficiency because all calls are tracked.

  • A higher lead conversion rate

A progressive auto dialer adds agility to the entire outbound dialing process because sales processes are typically complex. To tailor the discussion and increase conversion rates for businesses, progressive dialing software also displays information about the customer. This raises the likelihood of conversion and engages potential customers.

VoIPTech solution provides the dialer solutions Progressive solution

VoIPTech solutions provided both Progressive and predictive modes are supported by Personal Connection. Our predictive model addresses the problem of decreased agent productivity that is inherent in progressive dialing by combining the customer-friendly strategy where every caller is welcomed by a call center agent as soon as they pick up the phone while still placing several calls at a time. The dialing aggressiveness is determined by Personal Connection using call success rates and the number of available agents. The system then continuously checks system performance to ensure maximum agent productivity and employs a proprietary delivery technique to guarantee that every caller is welcomed by an agent as soon as they pick up the phone.