Have you ever thought about the need for Asterisk Controller Solution for your call center solution? Well, sometimes YES, sometimes NO! Because in the modern telecom and communication sector, controller technology is widely adopted. And the telecom companies can ensure a high quality of service along with enhanced security and control only with the use of SBC software and VoIP solutions

What Exactly Is A Session Border Controller?

Well, to exert control over the signaling and allow high-quality media streaming, Session Border Controller is a device that is used in advanced VoIP networks. Over the VoIP sessions, the technology imposes superior service,  security, and access control mechanisms. On VoIP networks, it makes setting up, streaming, and securing calls much easier and smoother. To build up revenue opportunities and operational excellence, the SBC solution enables carriers to integrate flexibility with vendors and new customers. Along with that through the VoIP networks, the SBC software allows users to manage the types of calls that can be placed.

Why Asterisk Session Border Controller Solution Really Important?

Currently, as hardware or software solutions various SBCs are available. Moreover, as a session border controller different open-source solutions such as SER, Asterisk, FreeSwitch, OpenSER, Yate, OpenPBX, and various others can be used.

Asterisk is one of the most popular, trusted, and industry-recognized players in today’s telecom and communication solutions. However, they deliver high-tech solutions customized for enterprise-specific requirements by keeping pace with the recent innovations in telecom communication. For different industry settings, they provide configuration, installation, and supporting SBC open source solutions. Across various network configurations, they are also capable of implementing a whole range of SBC functions.

Basic Key Features of Asterisk SBC Solution:

A built-in firewall that protects users from vulnerable DDOS/DOS attacks is what SBC comes with. Moreover, with assorted robust security features it comprises of:

  • DTMF interworking 
  • Signaling protocol inter-working 
  • Protocol validation
  • Topology and Carrier hiding
  • Codec transcoding
  • Carrier tech prefix insertion / removal

Different Benefits of Asterisk SBC:

Basically, with numerous benefits for VoIP service providers, Asterisk Session Border Controller comes. Scroll down to know more:

  • Security: By protecting the network and network devices from all kinds of nasty threats and attacks including distributed DoS, Denial-of-Service attack, and more Asterisk SBC solutions provide excellent security. Through encryption, it also protects the signals that help in preventing the communication from being subject to fraudulent and rogue media streams.
  • Superior Connectivity: Users can benefit from superior connectivity via a huge range of networking techniques such as SIP normalization, IPv4 to IPv6, VPN connectivity, Protocol translations, NAT traversal, etc with Asterisk SBC solutions.
  • High-Quality Service: Through prioritization of calls and data flows and functions including traffic policing, resource allocation, rate limiting, call admission control, and more users can be assured of high quality of service with Asterisk SBC.
  • Media Services:  Through built-in digital signal processors Asterisk SBC also assists in broadcasting better media.
  • Accurate Statistics and Billing Information: With accurate statistics and billing information Asterisk SBC software also comes with.

However, with features that align more or less with what you need for your business communications these days you can subscribe to plans or buy the software.

  • Dialplan programming:  Well, a proper dial plan setup may not be there with standard IP PBX solutions. So at that point of time, when you have many extensions, custom dial plan programming gives you the benefit of routing and manipulating calls in a contextual way, ideally engaging Asterisk Development Company.

  • Phone verification:  Being carried out by telecom services, we are familiar with phone verification. However, to verify visitors who register on your website you can take a leaf out of their book and include phone verification as an ideal and simple way. Well, in this manner to flood your database you can weed out attempts by hackers who use bots by creating a better impression in the minds of customers.

  • Click 2 call:   Throughout the day your employees will be making calls routinely. To custom develop, Click 2 Call for you to get Asterisk development services. By permitting direct calls from the CRM, helpdesk, or webpages it forms an extension of your Asterisk PBX. To search for phone numbers you can also use click 2 call and convert them into receiving incoming call notifications as well as clickable links.

  • WebRTC with an asterisk:  With needs API integration,  WebRTC offers web browser-based audio-video chat and conferencing plus document exchange. However, by engaging Asterisk Development Company to carry out integration to marry the two together you get WebRTC to work in your current Asterisk-based IP PBX or call center software. Besides customer services, it enhances your IP PBX functionalities and allows easy remote collaboration. 

  • Custom direct inward dialing number:  By bringing in its wake the issue of having a specific number like PSTN lines have, VoIP frees users from the rigidity of PSTN. With the need for integration with IP PBX, the solution is DID provided. To get a specific DID number that can be connected by anyone from anywhere and reach the specific called person engage in custom Asterisk development services. By porting to mobile numbers it will automate inbound calls and traffic. When you plan to use VoIP, it is a must-have.

  • Web conferencing:  Nowadays a trend likely to continue such as work from home, Post pandemic, and remote working is the new normal. By opting for a custom Asterisk web conferencing solution that integrates nicely with your existing IP PBX and CRM keep up with the times and the change. Make it worth the investment by making your teams work better and your customers receive excellent services.

  • Custom Dynamic IVR:  With the standard tree-branch structure or you may not have an IVR at all you may have a rudimentary IVR. And dynamic IVR is the way to go when it is time to get one and when you do. However, to make the IVR a happy experience you can keep track of how the prompts work and keep modifying them based on the responses of customers. Moreover, the dynamic IVR can be user-programmed, unlike fixed IVR. 

However, to enhance your telephony experience we suggest you go for VoIPTech Asterisk Solution in your business which will by fulfilling your basic and advanced communication needs, and also you can customize it as per your business requirements only if you have decided to implement Asterisk Controller Solution in your business which are the signs of a successful business.

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