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According to recent studies almost 72% of the small businesses worldwide have already switched to VoIP Telephony, and their annual savings on business communications is 78%. If you see it by numbers, it will be ⅓ of your current phone bills. So, if you still do not have advanced business phones then you are potentially losing out a large sum of money to the age-old traditional phones and most importantly the advantage of converting callers into potential customers. Let’s understand the VoIP Telephony better.

VoIP Telephony offers a cloud-based unified platform for business communications that include HD quality VoIP calls, instant messaging, video conferencing solutions, social media interaction, and more. Users can access all the features from their desktop and mobile devices through a simple app integration. They can make & take calls irrespective of their current location and mobile devices they use.

Quick integrations with third-party applications and other valuable business tools let businesses develop a customized communications solution that best suits their needs. With advanced call management and highly responsive, user-friendly communication features, you are going to develop a robust business phone system that leaves no stone unturned to improve the customer satisfaction rate. Your virtual has become the new reality, you indeed need a phone system that can stand the test of time

  • Numbers You Avail in Major Destinations: With a reputed VoIP service provider, you can get local numbers in over 160+ major economically viable countries with the area codes to expand your local presence. You can also select toll-free numbers for your business, allowing your customers to reach you anytime without getting charged a single penny.  In addition to this, you also have the facility of number extensions by department wise or for individual agents. You are authored with the admin login to add new users or remove the existing ones according to your business requirements. 
  • Innovative Call Management Features: You can manage both outbound/inbound calls, by improving the First Call Resolution Rate to a great extent. Employees get a more flexible work environment where they can excel in their capacity and in return ends up providing a great customer experience.

Agents & Managers can know the availability of other agents, connecting the callers to the most appropriate person for the job that eliminates those long call holds and waiting time. It routes the calls to the concerned departments or agents, saving the valuable time of the customers that generally get wasted in the call transfer process.

With IVR System and auto-attendant features, you can set the call flow that defines the standard of your organization. Agents do not need to get involved in the redundant tasks that can be well taken care of by the IVR system.

  • Audio Conferencing Solution: Participants can join the audio conference by using the code provided by the host. Up to 1,000 participants can join the call simultaneously. You can record the conversations for reference or training purposes and block or invite participants whenever you want. 
  • Voicemail: Its virtual voicemail feature offers a voicemail inbox for each extension and assigned it for all the departments. Users can listen to the voice message by clicking on the received audio file. Users can prioritize the messages they would like to listen to or the system-generated auto transcription in their preferred languages. There is no chance of missing a new file, as they keep getting the notification for each recipient.
  • Video Conferencing & Team Texting: Now comes the most important aspect of team collaboration which is Video Calling and Texting. In remote working scenarios when a team working from different locations, bringing them under one platform to drive collaborative effort is a real headache. And, VoIPs’ Video Calling and Team Texting are the only way out, driving highly productive results. Teams can discuss the progress and listen to each other and keep texting with VoIP’s unique platform. You can call it the new on-premise working module that companies have started realizing to give a permanent status for its truly amazing productive & time-saving qualities. 

Who Should Use a VoIP Phone System?

Small scale industries, especially those having less than 90 employees and mostly working from remote locations. However, it is also ideal for organizations that have a huge international client base and want to explore new markets by proving a local presence.

With the catastrophic impact of a pandemic, schools, colleges, and universities are also switching to VoIP mode to ensure the process of learning does not get hurt by the restriction, And, for them, virtual has become the new facto face, and students really enjoying the processes they can record the sessions for doubt clearance that they generally feel shy to ask a question in their classroom-based learning process. 

VoIP ensures a solid foundation for every online platform that wants to drive results. However, there is also a list of features available we have not mentioned above that you may find interest. 

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