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If you ask a person to delete a year from his/her memory, then it would be 2020. Right? The year was all about the race for survival under the cloud of uncertainty. The good news is, we survived the Covid wave, however; we lost a year & some memories that won’t come back again. With Covid vaccines coming as the only ray of hope, citizens have now something to cheer about. With the 2nd largest population in World, India has started its vaccination drive. But the question that remains unanswered is how healthcare units will ensure a smooth operation in a country of 1.3 billion? Well, the answer is cloud telephony! How cloud telephony can help hospitals achieve their milestones, would like to know? Do you have 3 minutes? This blog can explain to you all the features of this cloud-based phone system that hospitals can use to make the drive successful. 

Before that, you need to know what exactly is cloud telephony & how it works?

Cloud telephony is a type of software system that offers voice services to organizations coming from different sectors over the cloud. It enables them to set up a voice and messaging process for customers that replace the conventional telephone system.

Organizations from different walks of are getting countless benefits from this superior cloud technology. Be it a small organization with a few employees or large enterprises with many branches, everybody is switching to this cloud-based software solution knowing its immense customer service capabilities. Cloud telephony allows organizations to make or receive a large number of calls. According to recent studies, organizations that have executed cloud communication in their procedures have seen 61% more viability in their business profitability and improved customer experience.

How does cloud telephony work?

Its main working principle is based on developing effective communications to keep customers happy and guarantee an extraordinary encounter on every interaction. That is the thing that cloud telephony ensures!

With cloud telephony, organizations can connect to individuals from different parts of a country or state without much of a stretch to get associated with the guest. At the point when the workplace is shut, people can even now look for help, and the group can take care of worry from anyplace. The expansive systems administration improves consumer loyalty by guaranteeing timely communication. This gives the people a feeling of being thought about and taken into account in a flash, pushing them easily down the business pipeline and improving their involvement with timely communication.

How Cloud Telephony Can Help Hospitals in the World’s Largest Covid Vaccination Drive?

  • Missed call service: Applicants for the Covid vaccine can give a missed call from their registered mobile number to the toll-free number assigned by the hospitals. Hospitals can check the list of missed calls and call them individually to confirm the time & date for the vaccination.
  • Finding info: Registered users or normal citizens can get more information about the vaccines, symptoms, and consult medical authorities regarding the difficulties they are facing and solutions. In fact, they can consult doctors about other medicines they are currently taking and their side effects after the vaccination.
  • Handling Queries: Answering queries and providing appropriate solutions is the key to deal with the fear spreading among the people and make them take the vaccine with full confidence. You can provide solutions to their queries 24/7, by connecting them to the right person or concerned department.
  • Timely reminders: You can send notifications to the registered users for the commence of vaccination by letting them know the exact time & date. This eliminates the chances of people missing the date workload or due to other reasons. You can also notify them by issuing the date for the second does, via text message, call & email – whichever is applicable.
  • Regular Follow-ups: After the first dose, as a responsible healthcare professional you need to contact them and ask if they need any help or have queries that need to be addressed. They might experience slight discomfort due to the injected vaccine and its side effects, with the help of healthcare experts they can overcome the situation and stay healthy. In case of urgency, you can be available for immediate help.
  • CRM integration: With this feature, you have the access to users’ data that help you contact them in case of emergency and you can also use them for future services.
  • Mobile app integration: With this feature, your medical staff can stay connected to the hospital desk 24/7. This is a great help for emergency services. It takes some pressure off from their shoulders, as they also deserve flexibility in work. 

Everybody wants to get out of this pandemic and live a normal life in the earlier days. Be it the normal shopkeepers, daily workers, VVIP, IT professionals, or healthcare angles – a common effort from all led by effective communication can put an end to the chain. With the world’s larger vaccination drive-in on the role, it is also the responsibility of the healthcare sector to come out with full capabilities to make the drive a great success. And, integration of Cloud Telephony systems will ensure everything goes well.

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