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Well, this Coronavirus! Everybody wants to uninstall 2020 from their dairy, well this version has a virus in it that is co-ro-na. You must have come across a number of sarcastic memes on social media, but have you thought about the positive impact of the pandemic? Every coin has two sights, and pandemic is no exception. The novel coronavirus might have taken many innocent lives and brought the entire world to its feet, but it has spellbound a lot of positives as well. There is a high in every low, and it’s a fact, if you talk about the current situation especially it also has a silver lining to it. And, VoIP Technology is the one that helps every business to establish communication and keep things going on.

How VoIP Technology is helping the techies?

Well, VoIP is a cloud-based technology that combines audio & video calling facilities, giving you a unified platform to make business communication. In addition to this, we must be thankful to the pandemic that has made us realize the full potential of this technology. Not only in professional life, but it has also made personal life a bit easier by making it a lot easier and intact. As most of the people got stuck due to the travel ban and flight restrictions, VoIP helped them stay connected with their friends & family, filling that communication gap with ease.  Here are the key positive takeaways from VoIP technology during and post-Covid situation:

  • Remote working is the new norm: The pandemic has definitely taught businesses that remote working is no less productive than that of the office culture. One doesn’t need to stay round the clock at office premises to be productive, it can be also achieved from the comfort of home. 80% of the businesses have discovered the technical prowess of VoIP services and how they can help achieve milestones by saving time, money, and resources.
  • Digitalization of education & its affordability: The pandemic has brought a new dimension to the entire education system. Schools, universities, and colleges getting shut down is definitely a setback for many, but have you looked at the brighter side yet? Thanks to the VoIP technology. Students can learn online, clear their doubts, and record the interaction for further reference. Institutions of all sizes, languages, and standards can now save a ton on infrastructural and maintenance costs. What’s positive? Parents do not need to bear the burden of that extra cost, making education more affordable. Isn’t that great?
  • Saved many broken relationships: We all have been so busy hankering after fame & money that we have forgotten our loved ones. They don’t want our money- what they want is to spend some quality time with us. Client calls, busy schedules, travel, and meetings are a part of your professional life, but pandemic makes people understand the value of personal life and what family means to them. This actually helped cement many broken relationships.
  • Better hygiene: The pandemic lessoned everyone back to the basics. Washing your hands and other exposed parts is no longer just a good habit, but a skill that is handy in the battle for survival. For the very first time, the entire world has appreciated and followed the great Indian ethos & values to restrict the spread of the virus. Doing namaste, shaking hands instead is the best example you can get. And, better hygiene is not just a lifestyle change, it’s like oxygen that you need to remain alive.

The world has seen the worst in every century, but the good thing is we have lived, and our survival skills are getting better & better with every tough situation. So, we must forget the negatives and carry the positives – that’s life.

What does VoIP Technology mean to you?

When making communication with your business, customers should feel like having an interaction with the real human being, not a robot. And, companies with VoIP phones are said to be 60% more capable of converting visitors into potential customers and are set to earn more profit than that those that aren’t. VoIP services make you a familiar name among households as well. As consumers always can’t take a walk or drive miles to connect with businesses. They are looking for a communication channel that they can relate with or already having — and, VoIP Technology does the rest.

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