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At different stages, you may opt for changing business phone providers due to business requirements. But what about the numbers you have been using for so long? With new operators, you need to have new numbers as well, which can create a lot of hassle when customers are not able to reach you on your previous number. Is there any solution to this matter? Thanks to Number Porting features of the VoIP service. You can retain the same numbers, even if you change your phone providers. However, the number porting process might come at a cost of some fee. Here is all about the porting fees you might find valuable. Let’s take a look:

What is the Number Porting Fee? 


The number porting process involves retaining and using the same number with the new service provider. Customers as usual can reach you at your old number, without any hindrance or interruption occurring in your service. You are no longer taking the headache of sharing your new contact details with your customers or update the same on the website.

Porting is a simple process but with a number of complexities. That is the reason why some VoIP phone service providers might charge a nominal fee for the process. According to the mobile operators regulation act, businesses can port their numbers to wherever they would like to. However, there are no such rules or amendments against those who are charging a fee for the same! It totally depends on your business phone service providers. 

Your old phone service provider may ask you for a nominal fee as you are ending your long-term association with it or your new provider may skip the poring fee as part of, goodwill gesture. Almost 80% of the business phone providers would opt for the second, which is no porting fee. But when it comes to transferring these numbers between the VoIP service providers the situation might be different. What does that mean to you? This means there is a possibility of paying a nominal fee for the number porting service. 

What are the legal concerns of Number Porting?


Though number porting is a complicated process, you always have the freedom to choose your service provider at different stages. The thing is, your porting application might be blocked by your current provider, as no organization would like to lose a customer. But you can take certain steps to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Do make sure all the information given by you is authentic and legal rightful.

According to recent studies, “7 times out of 10 number porting requests get rejected due to submission of incorrect documents.” One thing you can do is, check with your service provider to find out the exact blocking point to your request. On what basis they are rejecting your porting request. If they are intentionally trying to halt the process you can get the help of the law. According to the law – even if you have to pay them some amount, still they can’t deny you porting. The number porting should get completed within a day or two. Every service provider is bound by the law of the nation, and business phone providers and VoIP carriers are not an exception.

India is home to the world’s largest customer-oriented marketplace where there is an ample amount of business opportunities. And, businesses that take the right call can enhance their business with better customer service. One provider might stump another one with its amazing offers, but as a business, you should find it difficult to leverage the benefits of others. With effortless porting offers, you can easily switch to your preferred network, while staying intact with your specialist solitary phone numbers without the assistance of any physical telephone line.

Why choose VoIPTech Solutions?

With VoIPTech Solutions, you won’t have to pay a single penny for number porting. We help you switch your network without having to worry about the hassle the porting process involves. That means you can continue your service as usual. No worry of miscommunications, no fear of losing customers – you will be up in just a few hours. If you are ready to port, then we can help you with all the support.

VoIPTech Solutions also offer IVR Technology to place calls to a client’s telephone line which could be a landline, cellphone, or advanced line. It designates at least one trunk line to the client’s PBX, a scope of phone numbers, and forwards all calls to such numbers by means of the Trunk. At the point when your PBX gets the calls, the dialed number is transmitted with the goal that the PBX can route the call to the required expansion. With this basic procedure of call forwarding, you can offer every worker singular telephone numbers without the help of any physical phone line.

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