FreeSWITCH Call Center Solution may not have got the credit it deserves like the other telephony solutions, but when it comes to delivering powerful performance, providing the much-needed flexibility, or easy configuration, no one comes closer. There are a number of reasons why one should be preferring FreeSWITCH Call Center Solution over its counterparts, but these are the ones that stand out – dynamic configuration ability, HTTP control, business-friendly license; smart reusability of other popular open-source libraries like Sofia SIP stack, and Apache 


The reliable architecture of the FreeSWITCH is arguably the most compelling reason that businesses should consider it over others. In general, it is a soft switch that draws inspiration from other open-source telephony solutions. With FreeSWITCH, you can easily integrate the telephony solution while yielding better productivity. You can make hundreds of millions of calls using FreeSWITCH and can ensure a reliable performance 24/7 with better flexibility.


However, in order to get the best out of FreeSWITCH, the right choice of GUI solutions are a must. There are a number of open-source GUI solutions available for FreeSWITCH that you can use. 


FreeSWITCH GUI or you can call it as FsGui, plays a crucial role in redefining business communications, empowering & giving businesses a solid platform to take it to the next level. Being one of the topmost extensible and flexible platforms, it ensures a smooth and quick conversation by bringing a number of advanced communication techniques under one platform such as; ESL, Erlang, to name a few.


The best part is, the ESL library is available in multiple languages – what does that mean? No matter what language is used to develop the solutions, be it Python, Perl, .NET, Ruby, or anything else, it goes well with the FreeSWITCH. Adding to its advantages, the features you get make the communications very clear & precise. From conference management, and configuring files, to outlook interrogations & more, with FreeSWITCH you have better control over your calling operations from your desktop. 


What are the uses of FreeSWITCH GUI?


Developing a GUI is a must in order to add more credibility to the FreeSWITCH. By doing so, users can take advantage of its advanced features, while ensuring more stability of the current software version.


Be it developing a call center app, video conferencing solution, or integrating IVR, giving more power to your FreeSWITCH helps achieve the objectives with 100% efficiency. It is not limited to this only, as you can also develop user-friendly apps to facilitate better communication between humans & the apps. In addition to this, you can automate certain parts of our business communications, leveraging the benefits of time-saving.


What do you require for FreeSWITCH GUI installation?


Again it depends very much on service providers. Let’s take a look at certain aspects of FreeSWITCH GUI installation: 


  • FreeSWITCH: All you need is a FreeSWITCH and then the process will start with the installation. In the market, you will be available with various types of FreeSWITCH packages, but choosing the right one will pay in your best interest.
  • Web Server: It’s the next thing to consider. While searching for web servers, you will come across various viable options such as; Nginx and Apache. Better you choose the one that is best from the business requirements point of view.


Which platforms that FreeSWITCH Supports?


Coming to the platform’s compatibility, FreeSWITCH has no restrictions. Users have all the liberty to use multiple platforms for FreeSWITCH installation. It supports the most popular platforms like:


  • Window OS
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux OS


To ensure smooth and fast business communications in every form, you should consider FreeSWITCH Call Center Solution. With FreeSWITCH GUI, you are no longer limited to call restrictions with 99.99% uptime. Above all, staying a step ahead of your competition is always a wise idea and FreeSWITCH is the first step towards better business connectivity. The FreeSWITCH framework ensures much-improved execution for video and audio calling. This way you can bolster for more simultaneous calls contrasted with the partnering careers.


If you are looking for new ways to strengthen your call center communications and ensure zero downtime, then start using VoIPTech Solutions FreeSwitch. We offer you highly functional FreeSWITCH with GUI for uninterrupted business communications. Our FreeSWITCH framework supports the most common coding languages and applications like JavaScript, C++, Lua, .NET, Python, and Perl. FreeSWITCH is more versatile than its partners because of its secluded outlines. Its cross-stage bolster makes it the best VoIP development platform to build up an adaptable VoIP Solution. If you have any queries that need expert solutions, contact our technical support team at: +91-6746828203.