Do you often operate your business through audio-video conferencing? Are you satisfied with your current video conferencing solutions? If not, then are you doing enough or taking valid steps to make it better or upgrade it? Well, you haven’t yet then this blog would definitely find you the necessary information regarding the best technology for video conferencing in the market. Have you heard of Asterisk-based conferencing solutions before? It’s an open-source framework that is the best alternative to the age-old traditional phone systems and the very own IP PBX. Asterisk is among the top five technologies in the world that have transformed modern-day businesses to a great extent. And, the technology is new to the world, you can just “Google” Asterisk-based Conferencing Solutions and you would get to know what business telephony & Asterisk-based Conferencing Solutions combined can do for your business.

The best thing about Asterisk development is, as it’s an open-source system the developers can easily access the source code without facing any code deficiency issues. They can make the best use of its authoring components and extended capabilities to come up with user-friendly features and end-to-end services that are according to your unique business needs. What makes it different from other business telephone systems is, with Asterisk solutions you can make a technical turnaround by converting your existing, usable PCs into an advanced IP PBX solution. Isn’t that great?

Businesses can certainly take advantage of popular features like click-to-call for one-touch calling, checking user authentication with phone number verification, conducting various business surveys and polling before or after product or service launching, and get a secure billing system with Asterisk development. In addition to its unique advantages, you can also leverage the benefits of PC-based dialer, SIP services, HD quality conferencing, and when it comes to enhancing your current broadcasting system, Asterisk does the best.

Uncomplicate things:

Do you remember the initial days when Covid-19 has just started to spread? And, hope you remember the consequences as well. Remote work being the new norm and most of the companies adopting the remote-work culture, businesses looked for a technology that can play a bigger role. With travel being restricted and offices moved to remote space, teleconferences were the only way to establish communication replacing in-person meetings. Traditional teleconferencing systems have their own limitations that don’t support a business to function the way it would like to and in addition to that, the process is also complicated and costs a ton. And, that was the start of the Asterisk era. The conferencing solution it offers is simply in the favor of any business.

The conference servers used by Asterisk can be kept as a backup for your existing PBX systems. Well, they can also be connected with the current PSTN provider as a stand-alone device. The dial plan scripting language of Asterisk makes it easier to integrate with the available LDAP directories and the database of ODBC-compatible devices. The low cost of the Asterisk server comes as a blessing in disguise for the small-scale businesses that do not have the budget to manage their own conference, this is now possible with Asterisk.

You can instantly connect to the PSTN and VoIP solutions, by using its multi-protocol access feature. With Asterisk now multi-party full-duplex conferencing is possible and that too even with a better experience, thanks to its advanced integrated conferencing features. You can record voice during an ongoing live conference as well. If you have the administrator login, you can easily set PINs in order to protect certain files or databases and can add people that you would like to take part in the meeting. There is no concept restricting users/seat-based license holders. The person with the admin login can set the program to exclusively connect directly with the existing PSTN system, bypassing the PBX.

Advantages in comparison to competitors

  • The installation and configuration of the Asterisk solution are pretty easy and straightforward. 
  • No issues with the software installation and no on-premise hardware required. Plus, most of the Indian VoIP service providers offer on-site technical assistance and 24/7 support. With the help of the professionals, the whole setup can be done within minutes.
  • Asterisk is a completely white-hat solution that can help your brand achieve new milestones and win customers’ trust. What you need to do is, just add the key elements of your brand that include your business logo.
  • The VoIP technology-based Asterisk solutions can automate a number of tasks that earlier required human interventions. Apart from that, it costs a lot less than the hosted conferencing services and premise-based traditional conference servers. Thus, saving time, resources, and money to a great extent. 
  • You can use it to conduct secure internal meetings, train your staff, make communicate with the customers, and do any kind of business discussion.

Why pay separately for video & audio conferencing, when you can have them in one package?

Most of the small-scale businesses and start-ups opt for audio conferencing systems due to a lack of enough budget. But, the reality is, you save more and yield better results if you go with the video conferencing solution. Why? Video conferencing arguably reduces the discussion time, ensuring a better outcome is obtained with active participation, detailed discussion, and visualization of things. You can perform multitasking without having to use different systems, devices, or gadgets at a time.

Flexibility and cost-efficiency are the major highlights of Asterisk development that businesses these days can take advantage of in order to improve employee productivity and offer a great customer experience. As a whole, Asterisk solutions offer you a complete package that helps make your business communication more effective, secure, & collaborative. With the right VoIP Service Provider, you can go a long way & achieve greater milestones. No matter what you deal with, clear communication is the basic to expanding worker profitability and certainty. With regards to client administration, viable correspondence in the call focus prompts increasingly fulfilled workers and clients who are bound to focus on a brand as long as possible. To convey the absolute best in client administration, a notable cloud-based service provider is indeed what you need the most.

Why choose VoIP service providers for Asterisk-based Conferencing Solutions?

Not necessarily every business has its own in-house team of developers that can be assigned the task to build a system from scratch. If you don’t have your in-house team or budget that does not allow you to do the same, then opting for Indian VoIP providers to avail of Asterisk Solutions is the ideal way to go. Their developers would create preconfigured, pre-installed Asterisk servers, keeping the core components of your business in mind. You can integrate them with other software and hardware components according to your business needs. The entire configuration and customization would be taken care of by the service providers themselves.

In addition to this, having your own support system has its own benefits. The best part of having an Asterisk system is, you can set up things easily without the need to buy expensive equipment, save on monthly bills on conferencing solutions, take advantage of notable features, and last but not least you are not dependent anymore. So, very little inspection is required too. When you choose an Indian VoIP service provider, their specialists will complete a little overview. What’s more, within a couple of minutes you will have the capacity to solve your problem. It is uniquely intended to help new companies.

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