VoIP Wholesale is really an exciting sphere where every day is a learning experience. You get to hone new technologies, interact with experts from different departments, work on interesting projects, get introduced to new tools, get yourself upgraded, and so on. However, beginning your career as a Wholesale VoIP Provider can be challenging as well. Being a Wholesale VoIP Provider is itself a roller coaster ride. Why? A service provider has to master one marketing aspect at a time, but as a wholesale provider, you have to stay updated with all the new technologies coming to the market. VoIP Wholesaling has various forms, be it providing VoIP Minutes, end-to-end VoIP solutions, client support, cloud-based solutions, the list goes on. That’s the reason VoIP Wholesale Providers have to go through a lot of turmoil and do share common marketing-related challenges. And, you may not be an exception. 

Suppose, you are targeting the UK or US market, then their market & requirements will be completely alien to you. Likewise, you have to deal with a number of businesses that require specific solutions, based on which you have to come up with VoIP plans that serve their best interest. Here are a few things that you will find challenging while exploring new markets. These are as follows:

  • Requirement gathering: The more information you get, the easier your job becomes. You have to collect as much information as you can. For that you have to be in regular touch with your marketing team, salespeople dealing with the market, and do a bit of research on your own.
  • Requirement analysis: Analysis of the requirement contributes to a better end-product. Make sure you do analyze the business requirement to map out the scope of your proposal so that \you could set the tone of the features to offer.
  • Implementation: Then come the implementation part. Transforming business ideas in the mind to turning them on sales deals takes a lot. And, that is the specialty of a VoIP Wholesale Provider. Making potential clients understand the technical aspect of a particular offer and the features they are getting for that price. Well, it can be challenging, but rewarding as well.


  • Communication with the sales team: Communication always makes you a better VoIP wholesale provider. Because there is always room for improvement, and communication is the key. Coordinating with your sales team lets them understand your business perspectives that eventually help turn leads into potential customers.
  • Understanding the end-user: Before starting to peach for sales, you must know — ‘Who is your customer? Knowing your target audience allows you to set the tone of the sales copy. So, always do a bit of research about your target audience and where they belong to. That allows you to make better decisions. 
  • Dealing with the SMEs: The fact of the matter is, usually they are not clear about the end product. They may not be always available for you, and the reasons are obvious – busy schedules and not having enough time to meet people, to name a few. So, you have to ask your salespeople to give regular follow-ups. Well, there are times that you will think that you wouldn’t be able to make it as it is really stressful, following certain people. But that’s the real challenge and when you get out of your comfort zone, you become a better wholesale provider.
  • The complexity of business communication: Business communication is not limited to just one sphere — it includes different areas that need innovation. Your client can be from the IT sector, healthcare, banking, aeronautical industry, to name a few. When time demands, you just need to push your limits and walk a few miles to understand their business communication requirements. Because complex communication requires high-quality call center software, and you have to be right on the money. 

To be a successful Wholesale VoIP Provider, challenges are more and difficulties are always knocking at the door, but that’s the real fun. If you are planning to start VoIP wholesale service then it is definitely a great idea. VoIP wholesale service is here to stay. And, keeping an eye on future expansions, you won’t know what it can do for your business. With an increasing trend toward better customer experience, automation also enables a greater centralization of your business operations as a whole. Most VoIP service providers are offering VoIP wholesale plans to help companies improve their bottom line. This comes with a long list of benefits that eventually results in better ROI generation & brand value. The easier option is to hire a reliable Indian VoIP service provider that can provide you with wholesale VoIP solutions. 

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