VoIP is an evolving technology that promises better and much-improved communication, with future upgrades. That’s the reason behind its increasing popularity, with most of its features yet to be explored by many. Thanks to the international Wholesale VoIP Provider, now the technology is breaking the stereotype of geographical barriers, connecting millions. The question that arises here is, with so many amazing advantages of this revolutionary technology, what eventually went wrong that dogged its otherwise positive reputation. Only a reputed Wholesale VoIP Provider can tell you the exact reasons.

Let’s take a look:

Did you know that VoIP technology dates back over 20 years?
Despite making its debut in the early 90s, the technology took a long time, coming to mainstream communication. The trace of VoIP Technology can be found dating back to the 70s, ARPANET was using similar technologies in 1974. It was Vocaltec who revolutionized the technology and brought it to mainstream business in 1995, and from then there’s no stopping for this technology. From being a home-based project to later on turning into an InternetPhone, VoIP made the voice calls between computers and phones a reality by the end of 1998.

The introduction of brand new communication mediums like Skype and advancement in internet technology and of course better speed, contributing to the growth of VoIP calling in terms of efficiency and the number of users. From accounting just 1 to 4% between 1998 to 2002 to go past 27% in early 2003, the technology has never looked back then. This upward trajectory has maintained a decent speed and set to go beyond imagination.

Why do there exist negative myths?
Rising national and international calling charges and demand for on-premise hardware forced netizens to look for new means of communication that are both clean and clinical in terms of quality and pricing. And, VoIP phones ticked all these boxes, providing a wholesome business communication package. The installation process is quite easy, calling rates are approx. 70% cheaper than the traditional networks and the best part is, you are not just limited to calling anymore.

VoIP wasn’t always so cheap, really?
If you talk about the initial days, using VoIP was subjected to advertisements only and it was not free of cost, but it was still cheaper than its traditional counterparts, gradually it reduced with every passing year. Once it started becoming popular, the call rates got cheaper and in most cases, it is free.

What It Requires To Be A Wholesale VoIP Provider?

The old stigma would not suddenly disappear and it takes time. Still, a large chunk of people thinks that the call quality is poor and is not that reliable. However, the quality and reliability have shown remarkable improvements in recent times. An, for your knowledge, the installation is quite cheaper than its traditional counterpart and not time-consuming at all. The whole setup can be done within 15-20 minutes and you can communicate using these systems right away.

Businesses using VoIP phone systems these days can use the technology according to their business needs. They can add or remove lines as per their requirement, and for that they don’t need to do anything as their VoIP service provider would be taking care of all the changes through the cloud-based technology, simplifying the entire process. There is an assumption that the technology is not secure, but the reality is far from the statement. VoIP is highly secure, and with Indian wholesale VoIP providers like VoIPTech Solutions, you can expect the next level of network security and protection from increasing cyber-attacks.

Finally, there is one other misconception that you can’t make emergency calls with VoIP phones as they are not connected to any physical network. Well, this is totally baseless. VoIP phone systems can connect to the nearest department in case of an emergency.

If you want to be a successful VoIP Wholesale Provider, then you need to keep these things in your mind:

HD Calling: The call quality via VoIP phone systems is better than the PSTN. You can unleash the power of HD calling, at half of the amount you spend on traditional phone systems. Another factor is reliability, it has grown to the maximum over the period, thanks to the introduction of Ethernet and 4G & 5G services. The best part of VoIP is, it’s comparatively less vulnerable because it is dependent on the wired connection. In case of loss of service, VoIP phone systems use other routes to solve the networking issues, without putting the whole network into the circle. And, that eventually results in a smoother, more dependable network 2/7, ensuring HD quality calling to any international destinations.

Auto-dialling Feature: The recent advancement in technology has made VoIP become more versatile and even powerful than ever. You can automate the calling process, and significantly improve your business time-efficiency, as you can set the time and schedule the numbers that are to be dialed. Isn’t that great?

Phone-free calls: Phone-free calls, what does that mean? This is as simple as it is. All that you need is a desktop computer or laptop, smartphone or tablet with microphone and speakers, high-speed internet connection, and a VoIP account that’s all. The need for a VoIP account is not predefined with the software app, well that depends on the system you are using right now.

Network Over All International Destinations: With VoIP technology, the distance between international destinations has become just a number. The platform has literally put an end to the geographical barriers, bringing business & individuals all around the globe under one roof. Now you can instantly connect with a business or individuals, and start making calls without any interruption. Now, you can make international calls at your own will, from the device of your choice without sticking to a particular premise, which was not the case earlier. With the introduction of unlimited VoIP Minutes, you can make international calls at half of the rate of your previous phone systems, reducing call costs by up to 70%.

VoIP Service is Ideal for Outsourcing: Well, with PSTN call centers were not able to move their operations offshore. However, with VoIP wholesale providers, it is now possible and much cheaper than the previous counterparts. If you are an Indian company and would like to open a call center operation for native American people, then you can set up your virtual office in the USA, without necessarily needing to be physically present there. It is a live example of how VoIP has globalized the ease of doing business.

Dealing with today’s high volume customer support service can be really difficult, especially if you don’t have a good budget for the same and resources as well. If you want your call center to serve your customers better and planning to unify your current communication, then taking the service of a VoIP Provider would be ideal. Their all-inclusive VoIP solutions help you handle a large volume of calls with a higher satisfaction rate, leaving a lasting impression on your brand. A high-end call center software lets your agents efficiently deal with the situation and build positive associations with present clients. VoIPTech Solutions is a leading call center software solution provider that offers you voicemail broadcasting software for all types of business. VoIPTech Solutions voicemail broadcasting software helps businesses to make their presence feel in the market and generates new leads.

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