As the telecom industry is no stranger, every industry has experienced a major impact since the onset of COVID-19. And in the telecom space undeniably there have been some major disruptions. However, all entities are functioning only because of the connectivity provided by the telecom companies when our conventional activities and processes were skewed be it schools, businesses, governments, or enterprises. But have you ever asked yourself what does this current situation mean for the wholesale carriers? And how to ensure continued growth with VoIP Wholesale Provider

Now and Beyond – Market Disruption :  

Well, due to high-performance demands these are crucial times where the telecom industry has always been critical. To perform ahead of the global GDP trends it is a resilient sector and is expected. The consumer telecom market is also likely to remain resilient due to remote working and other digital initiatives and may drop marginally by 0.5-1.2% by the end of this year during this economic crisis. However, in Digital Services/IoT revenue by 15%, that is 6% higher than previously estimated there’s an expected increase.

To a variety of market dynamics, the wholesale Voice carrier-domain covers discrete components that are subject. Due to the rise in demand for OTTs, capacity wholesalers are witnessing tremendous growth. However, wholesale access and Unified Communications platforms are also driving the last mile with the global connectivity surge at the same time. There will be 5 times more traffic from Instant Messaging platforms by the end of 2020 which is expected.

Specific Key Role of VoIP Wholesale Carriers during COVID-19:

  1. In continents like Africa to the world connecting remote countries
  2. During pandemic Global wholesale providers playing critical role in enabling business continuity 
  3. Major international voice traffic annually International wholesalers transport
  4. Due to more flexible and agile business models enabling capacity demands of OTTs 
  5. To gain global access helping the customers of local telecom companies 
  6. Through UC platforms and other digital initiatives driving remote business growths
  7. For increased demand of bandwidth and connectivity enabling global access
  8. Embracing wholesale IoT and 5G services and focusing on network expansion

Post COVID-19 the Rise of VoIP Wholesale Carrier Industry:

Well, to move forward and the wholesale industry likewise is also moving in that direction, always keep in mind that digital is the way. And in areas like cloud services, machine learning and IoT services that reflect the growth potential in the industry we have seen an immense growth. For global network coverage, wholesale carriers are no more voice and SMS centric, and are becoming facilitators.

However, on top we have global operators with global presence and wholesale players with network and connectivity in multiple countries  in which the wholesale industry can be segregated into three key layers. With a strong presence in their own continent or a set of countries the second layer comprises tier-2 wholesale players. With a more focused approach which is on the third layer sit the tier-3 carriers. Among the operators and wholesale carriers over revenue, this led to competition. 

However, with extensive networks to help them compliment their existing value chain during the past one year we can notice that operators are now getting along with wholesale voice carriers focusing on evolving areas in the industry.

Thus, like blockchain and IoT collaboration between operators and wholesale players is driving tech initiatives. Moreover, with Unified Communication, A2P SMS to add incremental revenue to Operators Carrier Division Profit and Loss wholesale players are diversifying their portfolio. To avoid telecom frauds in international voice and messaging not to forget that they are sharing information and preventive telecom solutions.

 Shifting  from Wholesale Trading to Managed Services Approach:

In the carrier industry we have seen major transformation in recent times. On the size and domicile of the operator while the voice, SMS and data traffic was received through multiple carriers earlier the operator used to work directly with carriers based. For operators as they had to manage everything on their own including maintaining quality networks this approach was becoming cumbersome. However, to terminate the outbound traffic as well we have noticed that operators are adopting the managed services approach to manage their carriers, customers, and becoming a one-stop-shop during the pandemic. Thus, offering a variety of services to the end customers and managed services link operators to the outside world. To focus on core business areas this concept is helping them maintain real-time control of existing international voice business, manage operational activities, and reduce traditional risks and OpEx, allowing them now that the operators want to focus more on their network optimization side .

However, the process of outsourcing non-core wholesale carrier activities to global wholesale VoIP solution providers in a bundled, personalized solution based on operator’s needs are nothing but Managed services. Traffic data, traffic values and quality overviews, providing complete automation, control and visibility over business operations are the online tools used to access reports. And one such solution that offers premium trading, routing and settlement platforms for wholesale carriers, simplifying back-office operations while reducing OpEx are BridgeVoice Pluto, available as Express Service or White Label. For global communication needs especially during COVID-19 the platform has acted as a comprehensive interface.

Amazing Forecast 2025:

Basically even in the field of voice technology and telecom wholesalers to achieve long-term business growth this year was full of surprises and must take advantage of digitization. 

Let’s take a look to survive in the competitive landscape at what stands ahead for the future of telecom wholesale.

New Incremental Forms of Demand for IP Voice:  Due for significant growth in the next 3-5 years technologies such as High Definition Voice and Hyper Voice, usually appear. With ‘voice-like’ quality needs unified communications, Two-way video, femtocells and gaming will be growth drivers.

Beyond the Pipe: For the telecom wholesale industry Innovation and technology are key. To extend revenue streams beyond connectivity, including IoT solutions and Virtual Reality Increased digital transformation will provide the wholesale industry several opportunities. However, in real-time with demand management platforms OTT /enterprise customer base capacity demands will be served by wholesale carriers.

The Power of ‘Platforms’: To meet their customers’ evolving demands similar to what Amazon or Uber are currently doing, the majority of the wholesale carrier industry will embrace platform-based business models. Within the wholesale communication industry that could be bundled with cyber security and AI-based routing and fraud alerts, APIs will become more commonplace.

Mergers and Acquisitions:  For the global communication needs carriers will evolve as independent entities. However, we will see a fair amount of consolidation happening in the industry by 2022 with the increase in M&As. By acquiring strategic carriers that complement their existing value chain the carrier business incumbents too are seeking inorganic growth.

Building a Trust Network:  However, during this pandemic, providing the access, communication, and services for both businesses and personal communications the telecom industry has truly been the world’s backbone. And as we move through this pandemic into 2021 millions of businesses transitioned quickly continuing those strategies. In several businesses, voice and video traffic as well as telecom networks we also witnessed significant growth. 

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