These days, most of the global workforce are opting for digital modes to make any kind of business communication. Be it through social networking sites and using live chats, and they are doing it in a convincing way. Despite the opposite trend and loads of new mediums, communication over the phone has not lost the #1 spot yet. It is still and will be the most viable and profitable way to establish business communication. And, the technological advancement in VoIP phones has taken it to the next level. And, when it comes to getting the right set of technology and features, VoIP Wholesale Provider can be a real help. How to find a reliable VoIP Wholesale Provider? Keep reading this blog.

Though during the initial days, people were more concerned about the quality of the VoIP Phones, the rapid advancement in technology and constant upgrades has definitely elevated the calling quality and channeling capacities over the years. No more messy wiring, no traditional analog phone lines, it is just the internet connection and the device of your choice be it mobile, desktop, or laptop, you can make calls anytime from anywhere. For that, you don’t require to stay bound to your desk. With a number of VoIP providers having their presence in the Indian market and promising the best services at cheap prices, finding the right one for your business can be a daunting task. But, we can help you find the ideal VoIP Wholesale Provider.

Listed below are the key things to consider while choosing a VoIP Wholesale Provider. Here you go:

Business communication systems with poor voice quality or unavailability of multiple channels can certainly harm your future prospects and existing customers as well. By considering these key elements, you can map your route to find the best in the business.

  • First of all, identify your VoIP needs: The very first and foremost thing that you should ask yourself is why you need VoIP service, the scope of the communication, and what exactly you need? Finding answers to these questions will definitely help you select the right VoIP wholesale provider in India. Because VoIP technology comes with a plethora of advanced features and amazing services, by knowing your business requirements, you can save big on what it didn’t require as of now. Why pay for the future that you don’t require or not a part of your current communication strategy. Apart from the standard features on offer, you can als ask your VoIP wholesale providing companies, the additional features they are offering and will they benefit your business communication.
  • Provision of Redundancy: When it comes to the reliability of VoIP technology, there is no doubt that your business communication is in safe hands. However, you need to make sure that your VoIP wholesale provider doesn’t have any serious connectivity issues. Your business communication may face the heat of poor connectivity that can leave you in chaos. You may not have to go through these kinds of situations if your VoIP providers assure with built-in redundancy security measures. Do make sure that your prospective providers have this feature.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) and High Bandwidth: The quality of VoIP communication depends on the availability of bandwidth and a good one comes with a high-speed internet connection. Low bandwidth can trouble your communication process with call delays and poor audio/video quality. So, it’s very important to evaluate the bandwidth you require in order to maintain HD quality voice/video calling. Do make sure, you have the real-time statistical data to evaluate the bandwidth.
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance & On-site Support: With high volume calls on the role, your business may feel the heat of unexpected situations at inappropriate hours. In that case, you will need the help of technically sound professionals that can answer your queries and help you restore the normal communication with all systems & software functioning well.
  • Acquire References and Authenticate: You should ask your service providers for genuine references to authenticate their genuineness. It’s better to see the reviews and read the previous or current client testimonials to make sure you are dealing with the right organization. 

If you believe in data, the rate at which the technology is growing will cross USD 140 billion in the next 3 years. Why? With data rates becoming cheaper, a huge drop in calling prices, and a futuristic networking infrastructure, you can expect a great jump in the VoIP market share, maybe more than the data projected above. If you take the present scenario into consideration, VoIP phone systems are clearly ahead in the market from their contemporaries. You can expect more surprises from VoIP technology.

Why should organizations look beyond traditional phones? 

With businesses of all sizes have already felt the heat of CoronaVirus and recession, they indeed need a communication push to restore the customer faith in their business and promise a better experience. And, Indian VoIP wholesale providers are the favorite among modern-day businesses all around the globe for fulfilling most of the basic and advanced communication needs. 

  • Inexpensive Communication: One of the biggest reasons why businesses should look beyond the traditional phone systems is, the cost-saving features of VoIP phones. As the calls are made over the Internet, they are generally cheaper as compared to their traditional counterparts. 
  • Streamlined Client Interaction: With cloud telephony, the chances of missing out on calls are zero, even if the agents are not present on the desk and during operational hours. It’s your support team or individuals that decide to answer the calls, how, and from where. With call routing and forwarding features, you can transfer the call to the next person into the devices of his/her choice. And, with the IVR system, you can reduce the load on your team by answering common queries.
  • Virtual Numbers: With Virtual numbers, you are no more limited to certain boundaries; you can now go global and create history. You can ask your VoIP service provider to assign you a virtual number in any country, city, or location so that you can connect to the global audience as one of their own. You can operate your business and serve the local customers’ of any country be it the US, UK, Europe to name a few with a local number and area code of choice, while staying in India. Isn’t that great?

With enterprises large to mid-size and small and startups from all around the globe are switching to VoIP services, sitting out of the race can cost you a large chunk of business that you could have got. With a number of providers in India, battling it out there in terms of pricing and innovation, you have to be really careful while choosing the best one for your business.

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