What exactly is a Softswitch?

A Softswitch gives you a complete call authority intelligence so that you can easily set up, maintain, route, and terminate sessions as per your requirements over VoIP networks. Softswitches are the next-gen IP network initiatives, in general, employed by the service providers themselves. Put simply, soft switches are a high-end software-based solution that runs on hardware as per the industry standard. Integration of Softswitch can contribute to a number of basic economical advantages that weren’t the case with monolithic telephony equipment.

Let’s make it simple. You often make phone calls to random numbers without giving a second thought. What you do, just lift the receiver, dial a number, and your call is connected to the person on the other side, isn’t it? Just take a pause for a second and rewind, did you ever want to know what is happening behind the scenes?

Earlier, it was the electromechanical exchange that helped connect those calls and it completely relied on moving parts. Gone are the days of electromechanical exchange, now its ‘switch’ has taken its place & doing a fine job with better efficiency & security. It functions pretty similar to the routers used at home but on a larger scale and the telephone network connection depends on these switches. You can take the latest VoIP systems as an example, they use software-powered soft switches to perform the switching task.

Moving to the Types of VoIP switch:

Generally, VoIP switches are available in two distinct types- class 4 switch & class 5 switch. The job of a class 4 switch is to safe routing of long-distance voice traffics. The switch does make sure, the calls get connected to the concerned person without any stoppage, using the fastest route to get there.

On the other hand, a class 5 switch is meant for the retail end-user of the service. Call routing is also a part of its functionality, but in addition to this, a class 5 switch can forward the calls, allow call conferencing, and reach the voicemail. If you are using a hosted PBX system to handle the voice traffic of your business, then the class 5 switch is what you get with it.

Class 4 Softswitch vs Class 5 Softswitch:

In general, the Softswitch is categorized into two – Class 4 Softswitch or Class 5 Softswitch.  The job of a class 4 switch is to safe routing of long-distance voice traffics or between carriers. You can take the application in VoIP trunking as an example, here the Class 4 switch works as an intersection between the local PSTN network and the long-haul IP backbone network and it sits there. Whereas on the other hand, the application of Class 5 Softswitch can be seen in the access network, you can take interface TDM access lines for example, when it is connected to a local carrier’s VoIP network.

Why choose soft switches?

  • Inbuilt Billing System: Top-rated VoIP software providers in the world can provide you with high-quality soft switches enlarged with a powerful billing system. The best thing about this billing system is, it empowers your business to advance its regular operations, taking it to the next level. Using this billing system, you can easily fix call rates for the end-users and get more traffic from different spectrums that allow you to enhance your capacity to adjust customers belonging to different industries based on their business requirements. This way, you will have better control over different payment methods.
  • No additional on-premise hardware required: When you switch to a VoIP system, you won’t need to put resources or purchase any additional hardware and software, which wasn’t the case with other modes of communication. What you need is a secure server with a high-speed internet connection. No on-premise hardware is required, the whole setup can be done in minutes – that too without any added cost.
  • Managing modules available: It comes with convenient control modules that empower you to deal with the entire system effortlessly with more control and capability. You can use them to get access to your end-users records and control their payment methods as well. Do make sure, you have access to its online admin module so that you can run it using a program on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any smart mobile device. No matter where you are, still you will be in a position to track your customers & secure payment options.

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