The advent of new technologies has transformed the call center solutions, Bangalore to a great extent. And, you can give full credit to the cloud based VoIP solutions for the humongous rise in the percentage of customer satisfaction in call center solutions, Bangalore. What turned the tides in the favor of call center solutions, Bangalore?

Let’s explore the new technologies and how call centers solutions, Bangalore are using them to answer customer queries and saving big on calling costs.

The Role of VoIP in Making The Call Center solutions, Bangalore Accessible to Businesses of All Sizes.

Undoubtedly, it’s the VoIP that made calling easy & inexpensive. With a high-speed internet connection, you can make HD quality audio and video calls to anyone, anywhere.

Enterprises are fully dependent on Call centers for customer support. And, VoIP has proven itself as a secure, reliable, and faster call center technology to give a great customer experience 24*7. Call center software has gone well beyond your imagination, improving productivity & efficiency to a great extent. These tools are no longer limited to the enterprises only, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of VoIP minutes to improve customer interactions significantly. Agents can handle hundreds of calls at a time. 

Trends to watch in 2020:

It’s the best time to operate a call center, as a majority of the world’s population are locked at home. We’re now in a situation where you can expect more live customer contact than ever before. And, contact centers need to choose the right platform to deliver faster customer service. Here you go:

1) The Concept of Virtual Call Center on The Rise: According to recent studies, the revenue generated from deploying Hosted PBX will go past $22 billion five years down the line. That would account over one-third of the worldwide call center solutions

As technology call centers used to rely on becomes out-dated, they are now moving to the cloud based communication system

Why are so many companies making the switch to a cloud-based phone system?

  1. Offers More Flexibility Over Any Other Communication System
  2. Remote Working Made Easy
  3. Advanced Features
  4. Easy to Deploy
  5. Fast & Reliable
  6. Cost Saving
  • The Need for Unified Communication Channel: With remote working becoming the new norm, the need for a robust communication system to keep productivity intact is at all time high. Your team can serve better when your Business Phone System, Sales CRM, Customer Helpdesk, & Team Collaboration are merged into one, forming a unified communication channel. With a simple app integration, every member of your team can perform their jobs with improved efficiency without having the technology coming in the way. The VoIP providers will take care of everything – no setup costs, no hidden fees, so making a switch is easier than ever. 
  • Customer Demands for Multi-channel Service: With the advancement of technologies, you would see the rise in customer expectations day-by-day. They expect a more responsive customer service across different channels. A cloud-based solution is the best way to go. It combines the phone system, CRM, and team collaboration in one, delivering highly responsive, easy, & cost-effective customer service.

Well, there are an array of call center technologies that are in use, but a few of them are meant for the future & are here to stay. And, inbound call centers in particular would need these solutions to stay ahead of their competition 2020 & beyond.

  1. Integration of ACD (Automatic Call Distributor): It automatically routes the inbound calls to the concerned people. You can make use of innovative policies such as; round-robin or skills-based rules to direct those calls to a particular extension.
  2. Integration of IVR Technology (Interactive Voice Recognition): The interactive voice recognition technology quickly accesses customer queries and processes the request to the right extension within a fraction of a second through call routing. It not only saves your callers valuable time, but also puts an end to those long halt, keeping them happy to deal with you time again. 
  3. CRM Software Integration: The CRM software stores all your business data that you can access whenever you want. Features like screen pop helps sales agents endup having a fruitful conversation with the clients and you can use the CRM data to train new joinees as well.
  4. Integration of Computer Telephony: It acts as a thread between calling devices and a computer during inbound calls. It can put a caller on hold, barge-in, transfer calls, etc.
  5. Mobile App Integration: The mobile app integration allows call centers employees to handle calls on their smartphones. Since VoIP is location independent, you can stay connected to your workstation from any part in the world on the devices of your choice.
  6. Voicemail to Email Transcription: The application uses the same voice recognition technology to transform the recorded calls into text documents. As the name suggests, the voicemail messages are transcribed into text documents and then sent to the inbox of the concerned person, or to the messaging platform of your choice. It can transcribe the entire conversations between customer care representatives and the customers, and store them in the internal database for future reference. Above all, it would come handy in case of any disputes that arise due to mutual disagreement and to give a more personalized customer support.
  7. Private Branch Exchange (PBX): Meants for intra-communication between the users. 
  8. SIP Trunking: By using this feature, you can easily connect the VoIP Phone System to an existing PBX. It uses the Internet to route the calls, eliminating the need for support from local landline providers. You can avail all the benefits that VoIP has to offer without spending a ton.

The rate at which technologies are transforming the way businesses used to function, the day will come when there will be less office space, more work from home. Your location would remain the same, but you don’t necessarily need travelling to that location. And, Call centers in Bangalore using the cloud based VoIP Phone Systems would let their employees work remotely without having to compromise on the call quality.

And, it’s incredible to watch what VoIP Technology can do when it comes to managing large call centers. Some of the contact centers have already realized this fact and made a move. So, why don’t you? It’s the right time to invest in technology.

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