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Picking Up Enterprise-Grade IP PBX Phone System

IP-PBX systems are telephone switching systems within enterprises that switch calls between VoIP users on local lines. It also allows users to have conversations by sharing a specific number of external phone lines.

Nowadays IP-PBX system is used in call centers as well as other small enterprises. It is an important tool to create enterprise-grade communications. The sophisticated technology of the IP-PBX system includes advanced communication features like the ability to connect to traditional PSTN lines. It helps enterprises boost the productivity of their employees and infrastructure as well.

There are many benefits of an IP-PBX system if you deploy it. It allows you to establish seamless and high-quality communications by keeping your regular phone numbers intact. But sometimes start-up businesses get frazzled while choosing an IP PBX Phone System that suits their requirements. Here are a few tips for small businesses to consider before choosing a good IP-PBX system.

How To Make Up Mind While Choosing IP-PBX Phone Systems

Compatibility Of Your Office

To pick an enterprise-grade IP-PBX phone system, you need to accumulate the compatibility of your office with the IP-PBX system. You should make it clear whether your business is compatible with on premise-based IP-PBX system or a cloud-hosted system. An On-premise based IP-PBX system requires extra hardware deployment which is also a good idea for those companies who have a bigger space to install this equipment. But hosted IP-PBX phone system is hosted by your provider on the cloud which allows you to think beyond limits. It is virtual, mobile-friendly, and less bulky which is better than premise-based systems.

Versatility & Scalability

Versatility and scalability of software or tool improve its usability on various platforms. In case you are planning to acquire a good quality IP-PBX system for your business, you need to consider certain aspects initially. The scalability of an IP-PBX system will make sure that it can be easily scaled up and down as per the needs of your business. In business, no certainty can ever be predicted by anyone. An IP-PBX system that is capable of providing facilities to both small and large enterprises can be called a scalable system. You also need to check whether the system is versatile which means compatible with multiple endpoints (digital, analog, and IP). A versatile IP-PBX system will let its users work remotely without depending on any physical changes with the organization or office.

Call Handling Capability

IP-PBX system or private branch exchange system is a telephone system that works within an enterprise to establish communications between users/employees of that company via VoIP technology. Hence it is important to consider the call handling capacity of your IP-PBX system before purchasing it. It has been noticed in some IP-PBX systems that they fail to handle concurrent calls. This can let you down. Therefore you need to make sure that your IP-PBX system is capable of handling the maximum amount of incoming and outgoing calls.

Finding A Vendor

While choosing equipment, software or any tool in the IT industry, it is important to find a reliable vendor. Today a maximum number of fraudulent activities are done on the web. There are hundreds of false sellers available in the market that not only do scams but also let the motivation down of small and start-up businesses. Before purchasing an IP-PBX system, you need to go through the track record and reputation of numerous vendors. Finding a good IP-PBX vendor will not be a daunting task nowadays but obviously, it will turn out be a little messy. You should go through the pricing structure, terms and conditions, and various other aspects of your vendor before investing your money in him.

Phone System Features

IP-PBX phone systems having fewer features cannot be called versatile. You might call them semi-versatile and suitable for a start-up business that has low capital to invest. But it is not a fact that all start-ups invest a lower amount. Therefore features like inbound calling, Outbound calling, Video call, IP phone, and Auto Attendant Routing are crucial for a small contact center business. You need to check whether your vendor provides some extra features or not.

Free Trial Facility

Nowadays consumers are becoming choosy. They are exploring options, doing research, or free trials before purchasing anything. If you are a start-up, you might not be able to put your investment at risk. So you should go for a free trial of the IP-PBX system that you will opt for your business. The very simple process to do this is, going through the web and look for a few reliable and reputed IP-PBX system vendors. After you find the right vendor, you can go for a free trial for at least 15 days. It will give you insightful details of your IP-PBX system, its features, usability, and productivity. If you feel it not suitable for your business, you will be able to cancel the services and switch to another.


It is the era of technological advancement especially in the sector of information and technology. Thousands of well-established IT companies and call centers are out there. It is not easy for a newcomer to come and establish a brand without facing issues. We all must admit this fact that today competition is everywhere. Therefore doing things in an organized way might bring effective results. In this article, we presented some important ideas that one should look into before investing money in IP-PBX systems. Please give your feedback below on what you think about this article.