Are you a Contact Center or a Call Center dreaming to expand the global network? But do you have a proper disaster recovery plan in place, especially for situations like Covid-19? Hope that you never face a situation like this, but a wise person always makes plans ahead. A perfect blueprint can be the difference between a highly rated Contact Center Solutions or closing forever. 

According to recent studies – about 40% to 60% of small & mid-sized Call Centers find it difficult to reopen their doors following a disaster. Well, you ain’t be in trouble if you plan ahead. What should you do? Here are a few things that you should keep in the pipeline:

  • Communication Channel: Communication is the key to any Call Center Solutions success or grabbing new deals. You may have unexpected situations like Covid-19, where work from home would be the new norm. So, there must be a communication system that is both location independent & not restricted to office premises only. And, VoIP Service for Call Center fits the bill from every aspect. No messy wires, no hardware tears – all that you need is a high-speed Internet connection. With VoIP Phone System, your employees can stay connected to the office desk from anywhere, anytime from the device of their choice. In the worst scenarios, you can still maintain productivity while improving the efficiency of your workforce to a great extent. In addition to this, you also save a ton on monthly phone bills and travel expenses, as a person doesn’t need to travel from one location to another to attend a meeting or conference; it can be done with the futuristic VoIP Phone Systems.
  • 24*7 Power Supply: Does everything stop, when the lights go out? If “No” – why should your Call Center operation stop? It could be if you’re not well prepared for the situation. In fact, power outages these days are quite common, and that one or two minutes of downtime can cost you millions. Do make sure you have the right measures in place to keep your business operations going smooth.
  • Software Backup: Almost 80% of the Contact Center Solutions are powered by software. Just one incidence of a Contact Center Software breach can lead to serious downtime. So frequent data backups are the best way to avoid situations like corrupted software. Program reinstallation and data synchronization can get you back on your feet a lot faster than having to rebuild all the data you lost.
  • Data Protection: Data is the new money. Any compromise with the data may pose a serious threat to your Call Center. Your customer data may come under possible cyber attacks, corrupt files, data theft, etc. Do make sure you have a Firewall in place to prevent any kind of data breach. Also, having the latest Contact Center Software Solution is highly recommended to keep your system safe.
  • Timely Hardware Maintenance: Well, hardware failure is often expected. So, timely maintenance is required. But you are up with Cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems, then that won’t be the case. A VoIP Phone System doesn’t require any on-premise hardware. 

The bottom line is –

You need to have a proper system in place that empowers your call center solution to stay up and running no matter whatever happens. So, don’t wait for the disaster to hit you hard, do make sure you are well-prepared to deal with it. 

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